Your Vinyl Records Will Now Float In Mid-Air With MEG-LEV’s Levitating Turntable

MEG-LEV Audio Levitating Turntable (1)

Vinyl records are obsolete; no one really keeps the sturdy ancient turntables anymore. Apparently, that is not true. Phonograph or vinyl record player dates back to the 19th century, but MEG-LEV Audio from Slovenia is world’s most advanced record player that features a levitating turntable.

Source: MEG-LEV Audio

The MEG-LEV audio is world’s first levitating turntable, which keeps the vinyl record above the base, making use of magnets, sensors, and custom software. The record is perfectly stable and capable of spinning at single playback speed or album speed. The music, a feast for your ears and soul, and the levitating record a feast for your eyes.

The thrilling part about the MEG-LEV Audio is not the levitation, but the fact that it manages to spin and play precisely, hanging mid-air. Plenty of objects have come around that are capable of levitating, but this turntable is the most incredible. The base is made of anodized aluminum with a wood covering. Feet rise from the base on which the platter rests when the player is switched off. The prototype weighs about 1.6kg (3.5 lb), but the final product is expected to only be 0.5 kg (1.1 lb).

Source: MEG-LEV

The technology behind the levitating turntable is a magnetic levitation drive system made up of a combination of magnets and electromagnetic coils, custom software, and built-in sensors. The company’s communication coordinator Masa Pavokovic explained, “We use custom made software that regulates the movement of the levitating platter by instant analysis of the information provided by magnetic sensors in the turntable and the platter itself. The software adjusts the strength of electromagnetic coils and keeps the platter level.”

Source: MEG-LEV

You might imagine that the magnetic levitation drive will ruin the quality of the sound with magnetic interference, but the platter has enough shielding to prevent the magnetic field from interfering with the sound. The base below the platter glows a funky orange, but if that is not your taste, the company is planning to add different designs.

Source: MEG-LEV

Sadly, the MEG-LEV Audio unit does not come with a dust cover. It also does not have a phono stage, so if you want to connect a phono pre-amp, there is a connecting cable with an RCA jack at the base.

Source: MEG-LEV

The company ran a Kickstarter campaign last year, with a promise to deliver the product by August this year.

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