[Videos] You Will Learn More in These 10 Minutes Than Many Engineering Lectures

Engineering is not something you will be able to learn in a few minutes. Why else do you think people spend four years getting just a bachelor’s in Engineering? Knowing that there are about 40 different kinds of engineering degrees offered all over the world, you can barely go farther than the definition of each. A few engineering fields like electrical, mechanical, and software relate closely to our daily lives and learning a few tips and tricks, either to help in studies or our routine tasks, is always a good thing.

We have picked a few fascinating engineering things that will make your life a tad bit easier.

How an automobile engine works

Isn’t it fascinating how you just pour a little fuel in an automobile and the tires get turning? While we do have a good idea of how this fossil fuel energy is converted to mechanical energy, it is a good idea to learn what role the differential and gearbox play in this. Digging a bit more into details, you can figure out why we use brake fluid instead of water in our cars, and how do the brakes manage to stop a car running over a hundred miles an hour.

The video below will teach you in depth about the Porche 911 aerodynamics:


Cryogenics is the science of production and effects of temperatures as low as absolute zero. Cryogenic researchers have even managed to freeze and unfreeze human organs successfully. If you manage to cool your electrical wires to zero Kelvin, your electricity bills can go to nearly zero. It is incredibly difficult to attain such temperatures, but you can learn what are the possible ways of doing it.

How to use Vernier calipers

Knowing how to take measurements may be the most basic of skills that always come in handy. Using vernier calipers is not difficult, and you can learn to take measurements as small as 1/128th of an inch using this simple but genius tool. This will hardly take 10 minutes.

Are there any other things that you think we could learn in under 10 minutes? Share with us in the comments.

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