Video Showing UFOs Drifting Behind Space Station Turns Out To Be Something Very Anticlimactic

Images taken from the International Space Station’s live feeds looks like something that came straight out of a sci-fi movie. It showed some unusual groupings of mysterious lights, seemingly floating by the orbital.

“Can someone please explain what I just saw on the ISS YouTube live feed?” Redditor tyrannosnorlax asked on the forum.

The whole scene left everyone awestruck. The lights were coming due to the human movement down on Earth, rotating below the space station. An easy blunder that turned out to be a lesson for everyone.   

According to Redditor AlphazeroOnetwo, those lights are probably coming from fleets of fishing boats that use extra bright artificial lights to attract squids.

The fishing boat lights phenomenon was explained in a 2013 NASA’s Earth Observatory blog post, with the help of a photo taken by an astronaut from the ISS as a sample.

“The fisherman is likely luring Todarodes pacificus, a species known as the Japanese flying squid to the surface with bright xenon bulbs,” reads the post.

The initial poster got ahead with the revelation.

“Although the website I linked in my first update has some examples that appear similar to this, the squid fishing lights are the most plausible explanation, by far,”

Tyrannosnorlax confessed, “In the second post I made, you can see more fishing lights in the bottom right at the beginning, and many city lights through the rest of the video.”

Therefore, no UFOs this time.

“Gotta take an L on this one, I’m afraid,” tyrannosnorlax added. “At least it was a good learning experience. The more you know!”

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