[VIDEO] See Japanese Police Drone Catch an Illegal Quadcopter In Midair

Japanese police drone

Nowadays, drones are everywhere zooming across the sky. However, in an urban setting, many of these flying copters have become a safety and privacy threat as well as a nuisance as limited space can’t accommodate these unwanted prowlers. In a bid to enforce tougher laws, the Tokyo city administration has implemented new rules regarding drone flights and just like on the road, they have constituted a group of police drones to catch ones that are violating these new regulations. These drones are huge and come equipped with a large net that can be used to catch the law breaking copters if necessary.

Japan drone


It looks just like a hunt from the Animal Planet when the police drone is set loose towards it’s victim. It zooms towards the copter, catches it in action with the help of its huge net and gently lowers it to the ground with minimal damage. Now the authorities would confiscate it and the law breaking owner will have to make certain assurances and pay fine if he wants to see his quadcopter again. Here is the complete footage of the amazing catch:

Man these Japanese know how to make cool robots!

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  1. Jake Reply

    That’s amazing! It’s like a battle of the drones. Japanese people really know how to do some serious stuff!

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