Venomous Scorpions Have Swarmed Houses In Egypt After Huge Storms


Egypt has been experiencing tremendous rainfall, dust, and snowstorms in Aswan. This has led to massive swarms of scorpions taking the city under their terror. It has even caused a number of deaths in the city as well, as the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reportsBy now, three people have been proclaimed dead due to the swarms and more than 450 people are injured in just one night due to the deadly scorpion stings.

The New York Times reports that the scorpions in the attack are around four inches long. They are bring called deathstalkers” because of how life-threatening they are. The intense rainfall and the storm have led the scorpions to move away from their habitats in the desert and come towards the city of Aswan.

Fat-tailed scorpion

The scorpion plague capped off weeks of massive storms over Egypt, according to Egypt Independent

It is surprising because usually, the region where these rains are being experienced is usually very dry and now it is in flood. This happened on Friday. Besides the deaths and the injuries, 103 homes were affected tragically as well.

The scorpion species is not a new one. it has been there. However, the swarms of the scorpions are something new and people were not prepared for it. the residents stated that these rains are the heaviest there have been in seven years. in the past, even if the flooding occurred, it did not affect the residential sites.

This shows how tremendously the climate is changing and it is scary to think about what the future holds for us. The intense floods and storms were somewhat predicted with eh climate change but the swarms of deadly scorpions along with them is not something that could have been foreseen. This only sets us up for more destructive things in the future.


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