Vehicles In California Will Soon Have Digital License Plates

digital license plate

California has started trials of digital license plates as a part of a project which will allow drivers to add a custom message to the number plate. The message needs to be approved by the Department of Motor vehicles. California is the first state which will be rolling out these number plates. The plates are manufactured by Reviver Auto which is a startup based in California. They are featuring e-ink display for the number plates.

The display is easily visible in bright sunlight and enables the driver to change the message which is being displayed. The digital licence plate has its own battery, GPS receiver, and wireless connectivity. This system allows drivers to renew their registration without visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles office or attaching registration stickers on the plates. If the vehicle gets stolen, the display will automatically start displaying STOLEN on it. This way it becomes easier for the police to track the car.

If anyone in California wants to buy these plates they can get it from car dealerships since they are not yet available through state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. There are 116 units being used at the moment. Many drivers have raised concern that as a result of the wireless connection their movements can be tracked all the time. The city Government of Sacramento has ordered 24 digital┬álicense plates which have been delivered while consumer sales have already started as well . The digital license plate costs US$699 with a monthly fee of US$ 7.

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