Believe It Or Not, You Have Been Using Band-Aids All Wrong Since Childhood

When it comes to household injuries, band-aids are by far the most used first aid stuff. They are cheap, quick fix, and easily available everywhere. If you have kids, a stash of these wraps is essential as they come back with cuts and boo-boos every other day. Even though we have been using these bandages since childhood, I doubt many of us know how to use them in tricky situations.

When the wound is on the thumb or the arm, we can easily use it. What if it is on a joint or a place where it won’t stick? We just use our normal convention, and the band-aids get removed from the cut to expose it yet again. Many of my previous experiences include infections and inflammation, and I can tell you that an open wound should not be taken casually no matter how small it is. So, we need to work on the technique and find out how best to tie up a wound so that the bandage doesn’t fall off or get the wound compromised to the germs outside.

Here is a cool video from a Russian hacks guy who tells us about all the different kinds of modular band-aid settings for various types of wounds.

Told you, you were using it wrong since ages!


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