Use This Trick To Make Your Own Custom Phone Case At Home Within Seconds

Custom phone case with balloon

If smartphones were elements, they would be described as overly brittle. Whenever they fall to the floor with a sickening crash, you have already prayed a hundred times nay not be the screen, nay not be the screen. But, your worst fears are confirmed when you pick it up and see rainbows of pixels moving here and there, and you are left cursing yourself for not buying that 30 dollar case for the phone. Well, no worries as we present you with a neat trick t0 make you a new case from scratch. So if you don’t want to loosen the strings of your purse for the expensive covers, this could be an awesome way to improvise something for yourself.

See the video here below:

So, with one neat trick you can get your phone a new cover and at the same time get rid of an annoying lot too.

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