Addicted To Your Smartphone? This App Will Help You

Nearly each one of us has smartphone addiction and dealing with it is not easy at all. Siempo is an app which will help you deal with your smartphone addiction by prioritizing the notifications that appear on the home screen of your phone. The app is currently available for Android phones only. The app customizes the phone interface into a black and white screen. There are also many other features which keep you away from your phone and reduces the time you spend using it.

siempo app

The black and white home screen design is free from colorful logs, distracting icons and badges which compels a user to spend more time on the phone. A great feature of the app is called “Batching Notifications” that allows the user to personalize the notifications and set a schedule when you want them to pop on the screen. This reduces the unnecessary interruption of getting a new notification every minute. Once the app is installed, many time-wasting apps are randomized which makes it difficult for the user to find them and open them. If your phone was locked then every time you open it, the app sends a notification saying “Stay off your phone”.

Andrew Dunn, the CEO of the app said, Users have reported that merely the act of identifying which apps they want to use less creates a huge shift in their relationship with that app. We aim to be a good, trusted, impactful tech company that is on the user’s side, respecting their wellbeing and privacy.” If you don’t like the idea of a minimalist home screen with black and white, you can set it to greyscale which is also less distracting. The app is available on the Play Store for free, however, the CEO aims to set a price for it in the future.

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