Use This Method To Prevent Third Party Apps From Using Your Facebook Info


After the Cambridge Analytica scandal came forward, a lot of celebrities have been endorsing Facebook users to delete their accounts entirely. It is difficult to do so since a large number of people connect with their friends and family through Facebook. But there are ways by which a user can prevent their information. Third-party apps usually have more access than what we think while not reading the terms and conditions. Whenever someone uses the app to find out who their true love is, that third party app accesses your information. These permissions can be deleted in few minutes.

Facebook has updated the process and now instead of taking half an hour, the process only takes a few minutes. Simply log in to your Facebook account, go to settings. The page will show all the apps which you have used on Facebook. Click on each app that you don’t trust and want to deny access to. This method will not keep Facebook away from accessing our information, for that you will need to delete Facebook entirely. Some discussion is also going on regarding Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook. If someone is really concerned and wants to keep their information protected, imagine how much of it they give to Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and other servicesĀ on a daily basis.

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