Here’s How You Can Make A Killer Cannon From Empty Coca Cola Cans

As if slowly dying by drinking the killer chemicals of Coca Cola wasn’t enough, how does the idea of killing yourself by making an extremely powerful coke can cannon sound?

The Q brings us a straightforward, yet, unique DIY project of building a fully working cannon out of compressed rolled coke cans. All you need is some empty coca cola cans, four caps, a block of wood, and double sided tape. You would definitely have those items in your house. Buckle up to make your very own weapon in minutes!

The cans are rolled together to form the barrel and then glued to hold them together. The wooden block is chiseled and carved to fit in the coke can, with the coke caps used as cute little wheels for the frame.

A through hole is drilled to insert the cable, and voila; you have got yourself a full fledged killer cannon. All you need to do is put in some gunpowder, light up the cable, and then run as fast as you can before the thing goes BANG!

The cannon is so powerful and dangerous that a small marble was shot through another coke can, a cardboard box, and then a sofa! Watch the video to be amazed and terrified by this homemade weapon!

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