The Most Awaited USA V/S Japan Megabot Fight Just Happened. Watch The Complete Fight Here

It all started back in 2015 when MegaBots, Inc. Completed the construction of USA’s first giant piloted robot. Upon completion, they wasted no time in challenging the Suidobashi Heavy Industries, the only other company to own a giant piloted robot. The Japanese company accepted the challenge with the condition that the fight would include melee combat. An agreement was reached and the fight was on.

(Source: YouTube)

The past two years have been a long wait and the hype reached its peak earlier this month before the fight actually took place. The fight was not some scene out of transformers as some people were expecting but it was entertaining to watch nonetheless and opened new avenues for robot wars.

(Source: New Atlas)

The giant robot duel took place earlier this month in an abandoned steel mill and was broadcasted for the world to see. The fight lasted for three rounds before a winner was declared. The first round was over pretty quickly when Suidobashi’s robot Kuratas knocked out MegaBots’ older robot Iron Glory with a single punch.

The second round saw a new robot from the Americans names Eagle Prime. This was equipped with a mechanical claw as well as a gatling gun. In spite of these accessories, the Americans failed to land a deadly blow to Kuratas and the Japanese robot’s drone sidekick was a constant nuisance for Eagle Prime.

(Source: Engadget)

The final round started and Eagle Prime equipped itself with a 4-foot chainsaw designed to cut through rock and even the Japanese robot could not stand up to that and was dismembered, ending the fight in favor of the American’s Eagle Prime.


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