USA And Japan To Duel With Giant Robots

USA and Japan are the pioneers in the field of robotics and both of them have contributed significantly in its development. But, nowadays it is all Japan wherever we mention Robotics and perhaps these crazy challengers took it to their hearts when they saw that Japanese were much better at this. Now what they have done is that they have gone full retard and challenged the Japanese for a robot duel. Here is the hilarious challenge from this Megabots Corporation:

Now the Megabot guys have been at it for some time and even started a Kickstarter project to fund an ambitious dream of holding monster robot fights around the world, but they failed miserably because they hadn’t generated the kind of buzz to have people believing this could actually happen. Not being let down that easily, Megabots then proceeded to challenge Japanese robot company named Suidobashi with this video all draped in American flags and being cool Muricans. Many thought this was too crazy of a challenge to be actually accepted but the Suidobashi found their names mentioned a lot and before long they were preparing their own video to accept the challenge and come out with their own drapes of the rising Sun. Here is the Japanese answer to the Megabots video:

Yeah, shit just got real and we will get to see giant robots tear each other off to pieces. Sounds amazing, huh?

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