US Farmers Are Making These Giant Holes in Their Cows. The Reason? Weird Yet Helpful

Cow fistula

Organic farming and sustainable farming practice is the norm these days. We see more and more farms converting into sustainable farming units. So what is sustainable farming? It basically utilises techniques and methods that ensure the protection of environment while also giving organic yield as output.
Recently, we came across this strange practice in US organic farms where organic dairy farmers are making these giant holes in their cows. A lot of you might have seen it, but we are pretty sure that not all of you are aware of what this is and why it is there – the holes that expose the cow’s stomach. It looks very unnatural and is not pleasant to look at. However, this may help increase the lifespan of cow and apparently cows are not bothered by it at all. This is infact a very successful sustainable farming technique being used for a while now.

This is known as fistula and helps scientists while testing the cow’s process of digestion.
Cow fistula
Cow fistula 2

After the cows have been fed, scientists use this fistula to observe how the food gets digested.The Hole in Cow’s Stomach - Fistula2

In order to do this, the scientists reach physically into the cow and then feel the digestion’s consistency.The Hole in Cow’s Stomach - Fistula3

Cow fistula 3
The cows are not bothered by the process and surprisingly this proves beneficial to cow. If such a cow becomes sick the medicine is directly given to the stomach.
The Hole in Cow’s Stomach - Fistula4
So do you agree with this sustainable farming practice? Or do you think this is not good for the cows? Let us know in the comments section below


  1. Clarissa Reply

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  2. Tanya Reply

    What the actual fuck ! Seriously! This is Animal cruelty, scientifically ? You put a hole in the cow so you can do testing on it , it doesn’t make the cows live any longer and if a cow gets sick on a farm , the farmer handles it , sometimes a vet will be called in , if it’s to bad they shoot it , because it might coast to much or is not fixable! If those cows could talk I’m sure there would be some discomfort complaints and most likely even pain complaints!! After all how would you feel having a hole cut in your stomach and have a hard cap stitched into your flesh, so a scientist or vet scientist can stick there arm inside your intestines to have feel and look at what he or she can discover!!
    It’s a big NO !!!!! From me this is nothing but Animal Cruelty and Scientist are using an excuse to try and get there way !!

    • Sue Reply

      There are some problems that cows at times have, that I can think of, that would be taken care of with these. One is bloat. With the stomach open, gastric gasses don’t get trapped to cause this sometimes death sentence if it isn’t caught in time. Another is twisted stomach. If a cow ends up with a twisted stomach, like bloat, it can be a death sentence if not caught is time. With the stomach attached to the outside, the stomach can’t move to a twisted position.

  3. Aditya Reply

    Did the scientists bother to ask the cows,I mean seriously,are the cows really not bothered by it? This is animal cruelty at it’s worse

  4. Nancy Reply

    Just when I think mankind can’t get any sicker…this is evil. I do believe it is for science but that doesn’t make it right. Don’t you love the way they try to convince us it is harmless to the cows they stop just short of saying the cows love it! It’s just like the farm/food industry trying to convince us cow, hog, goat and sheep are dumb and have no feelings(of fear or love)-tell that to a mother cow who is separated from her 100 calf and can’t stop screaming, just so the monster that is mankind can have milk for there cereal and cheese on there pizza. UGH! If people new the truth things would change, at least thats my hope. We have to tell the truth about the dairy and meat industry.

  5. Bhupen Chandra Kalita Reply

    Today’s cow is a result through the on time process of evolution. Scientists not supposed to break it only considering selfishly human profit //you don’t know all future consequences or a betterment of an animal //you’ve no right to do so//you are not a God to take such impartial decisions. You do not know how it may be a cause of disastrous consequences.

  6. Rada Robin Reply

    Different people on this Planet creating different opinions and different theories! Did God Created Cows with the hole in their stomach? You, as normal person know the answer! If “scientists “ do this procedure and trying to prove to everyone that it is OK and there is no problem for the cow, and it is very helpful… why can’t we drill a hole in their stomach and help them in their problems? Then ask them how they feel… because nobody asked those poor cows how they felt! Animals, in people’s labs have no choice, no voice, no rights!

  7. Yellowferretgirl Reply

    How is this not causing severe sepsis to the cattle? Surely this not cannot be true as an open wound direction to the gut will cause septic shock and death.

  8. Kathy Reply

    Sorry but that is just terrible. That is just a bunch of bull saying its for scientific purposes.

  9. Eileen Reply

    My I’m not sure I totally agree HOWEVER DO NOT SAY FARMERS ARE GREEDY. your it of your minds. They work every day all year they don’t get sick days they don’t get vacations they live and breathe farming.. It’s not easy it’s hard intense labor being a farmer. There’s no more small Farmers but corporate America has put them out of business. We come up with ideas to better ourselves by eating healthier why not have them eat healthier grains, more nutrient grasses, haylage be more healthy. God did not say do not eat meat or not drink milk from a goat a cow a or a sheep. He didn’t say do not eat or drink. He said do not do things to make another man stumble. Maybe you can’t eat it because you’ll stumble but another man won’t.
    Looking deeper into what he’s saying is use what’s in front of you wisely if you believe it’s not wise then bring it to the others attention. If nothing is done being 2 or 3 wise people to address the situation evaluate it. Bashing easier is not going to solve it. Banning isn’t going to solve it. Farmers don’t like being involved with corporate America because it is greedy, they push them harder harder and harder they work with lights on the tractors because when the harvest is ready it needs to be chopped and protected. Corn, beans, soy beans, sunflowers, flax, wheat,rye, barley, oats, alfalfa, lavender. Wake up this is not just about cows getting a hole in there sure to see there stomachs. Did you know when most animals you watch on discovery the true national geographic 50% of all animals leave there babies, leave there nests leave there eggs for the animal to fend for themselves not everything in life is pleasant and fuzzy feeling and adorable. No scientist do not hold high in my book I don’t like a lot of there practices because of the trillions of dollars given they are still not releasing a natural way to cure cancers or to keep them away from our bodies. But there is. There actually is so they are watching all these people die knowing there is a natural way they just haven’t found a scientific way. So keep science it of my home. Farmers are not greedy balance the budget they don’t have much in that account for funds. My husband works with Farmers all over us and in Germany.
    Get your head out of the clouds people.

  10. Amy Reply

    Omg, this is just utterly wrong in every which way and very un natural! How in the hell can anyone know and say if this bothers or hurts these living animals!!!??? You cannot say this dosnt hurt and is painful! Yall need to be SHUT down and in PRISON for cruelty to animals!

  11. JudyMcGoo Reply

    the cows are NOT bothered by it — GET REAL. These are not machines, these are living breathing animals.

  12. Me Reply

    Saw this as far back as the 60’s not a big deal people are just ignorant bottom line

  13. laura Reply

    I just find it interesting that they would try to make this about organic farming. There is something totally inorganic about a manmade hole in a cow. We put fistulas into humans and they often suffer some degree of body dimorphic syndrome as a result.

    I call this article an attempt to get animal advocates and the kind hearted voting against the organic movement…smells like monsanto to me!

  14. you're stupid Reply

    Absolute filth, don’t you think these animals go through enough pain and suffering throughout their lifetime? But no, let’s but a f****** hole in their stomachs because I’m sure “it doesn’t bother them”.

    • your deaf Reply

      your the idiot! their scientists they obviously know what the hell theyre doing?! your probably just a middle aged person who has an average basic job! these people spend there life on studies about animals and testing things and products, i’m pretty sure they would be able to tell if this would bothering a cow! and it even said that there helping them if they get sick! how is that bad! so just fucking stop because you don’t know anything!


          You think scientists know everything!!!??? Really??? Thats why scientists have been using animals in drug tests for years knowing that 95 to 98 percent of those tests are not going to tell them how the drugs will react on humans. The failure rate is astronomical but they still continue to use animal testing even though it is proven to be inaccurate!!! Yah, that’s smart!

        • Bhupen Chandra Kalita

          I’m not a scientist but can confirm You are 100% correct.

    • i agree Reply

      i agree with you this is so wrong, and disgusting. Would you like if you had a hole in your stomach and have people reaching in it, and dealing with this your whole entire life!!!……. I THINK NO!!!! SO FU*K OFF

  15. Somebody Reply

    You’re all very stupid if you think this actually hurts the cow, believe me that you would know if a cow was in pain from something quit saying this is inhuman because you don’t even know the first thing about it this has nothing to do with selfishness it has everything to do with studying how to feed these cows better so if you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t say it

    • you're stupid Reply

      Not selfish? They are being farmed, milked, having holes put in their stomachs, calves taken from them, plus much more. ALL for human benefit. Pretty selfish if you ask me.
      You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, all of these actions obviously cause a great deal of pain.

      • TREVER DEKKER Reply

        you bring this up but when it all said and done everything is for human benefit. If you feel any different then sale your house and car, abandon money and clothing. go be an animal. I work in the ag industry with all of the farmers and cattlemen. cows are living longer now then they were just a few decades ago along with being more productive. all this being said i hope your not a person that thinks hamburger comes from the store and that cows use to run in wild pack all a crossed america.

  16. Christine Reply

    I agree with the majority. Cruel, senseless, twisted. My husband had an ostemy bag for a year, it was a nightmare. Any disturbance to the body is painful. Someone sticking their hand into your stomach??? It doesn’t bother the cow??? How would you know? My dog had bone cancer, one of the most painful, but she didn’t show the pain, she was a dog! Sick! YOu’re taking things too far…

  17. Aragon Reply

    Human started taking cows as a pet since 12000 BC. So, these dumb scientists are saying that from 14000 years the cows have difficulties digesting their food? Those scientists need to take a bath in cow’s dunk to understand that from all these years they are doing just fine. If anyone needs a patch up is the brain of those greedy farmers.

    Secondly, who the heck are you to do that? play with nature? and come up with disgusting theories? how about someone tells you the same about your children and put a hole in her stomach? would you agree to do that?

    About the creepy “put the medicine directly into the stomach” crap. Can’t your big eyes see that cows DO have mouths for that? or they have jaws like T-Rex that would tear you apart when you try to give the medicines by their mouths?

    Also, their bodies change as they age. Your equipment isn’t gonna keep up with that. Buy an average car instead of a luxury one and let the cows live the way they have been living.

  18. DR.Curtis L Smith Reply

    For breeding cows its just fine to increase there life span and keep them well but no need for steers and bulls to have this.

    • Somebody Reply

      You have no idea what you’re talking about because dairy means only cows and heffers so steers and bulls wouldn’t have this

  19. Ekrem Ayna Reply

    Life is not all about profit margins and eternal battle for a few dollar extra. We do not only care what we eat but also how we raise it. Certainly this technique has merits but we do not need these merits, not yet. It is reckless to act like all the world is starving to death and we have to take draconian measures. In Japan cows are feed with root bear and get regular massage (not for relaxation of course) yet they have one of the best breeding industry.
    As I scientist I can not appeal against this application but as a consumer I do not find it appealing.

  20. Guru Reply

    and stop doing these,it hurts the cows and some idiots say that this is for scientific and it will help in digestion of cows bla bla bla, but wtf!!!!!!!!!,just give them clean water and food and some love thats enough for the cow to live its life at the fullest,the thing is we humans are technologically powerfull then them so we use it to our advantage and do the shitty experiences on them,lets do it in the scientists stomach lets see if it hurts or not ,who the hell are we to do these on them,are we the creator of this world,leave the nature as it to be.

  21. Guru Reply

    These things show that how mad the humans(rather we call these guys as savages) have become,isnt it pathetic to put a hole in such a beautiful creature,god i dont know why the hell in the earth is this happening

  22. truth Reply

    everyone needs to drink almond milk, and eat soya burgers.
    Stop raping the planet and hiding behind the bible and your stomachs

    • Oh well Reply

      I will not eat soy, because it’s bad for women’s health unless you are postmenopausal.
      I do not like almonds.
      Rice has arsenic in it, and no health benefits.
      Cashew milk has some almond milk in it – and I DO taste it.
      I can simply cut out milk completely if I wanted, but humanity is about selfishness isn’t it?

    • GDW Reply

      Oh stupid old lefty-intellectual vegetarian – not enough with that – you have to on top of that become anti religions and anti bible (so called bible critics) who have no meaning and content in their lives so they have to attack the Creator and His bible as they know full well how wrong and empty they are (futile, futility of futilities).

  23. Che Reply

    I love milk and my meat, but this is uncalled for and disturbing. Just because the animal is not fighting you while you are doing it does not mean it is okay. We know how cow digest their food, and we have know this since I was in high school in the 90s. So please be honest and tell us the truth, it is not for digestion, and to prolong the cows life. The article stated that if the cow gets sick then they can just give the medicine through that hole. So my question is how many times is these cows getting sick. Airborne pathogens would be easily spread throu that hole. This is taking too far.

  24. Dev Reply

    Human intervention in natural processes has caused a lot of harm in the long run. Hence I feel the cows Shud be allowed to live their natural lives. Have any humans asked any cow how does it feel.? Why don’t we use fistula on the humans to directly administer medicines?

  25. Whats wrong with people these days! Reply

    Are people out of there minds!?!? Yeah sure its “not harmful to the cow” f*ck that! These are living beautiful creatures that deserve so much better and should not have people freaking cutting a hole in there stomachs!!!! It’s so disappointing what animals have to go threw these days! I’m not going to lie, I love meat and I thing God put animals on this planet for us to eat but were not supposed to abuse them! Have the animal grow up on an open field then when its ready kill it cleanly in the least harmful way posible!

    • Jo Poul Reply

      I totally agree with you! They are using them for experiments…just like anything else in this world….always experimenting

  26. Leslie Buckland Reply

    I think this is a cruel practice. I think cows should be allowed to live a normal life without this terrible intervention. What is the good of expanding their lives anyway? They’ve done well for centuries without us playing Dr. Mengele with their bodies.

      • GDW Reply

        I agree with that. Not only due to another comment above re integrity and exploitation but also in the Jewish kosher dietary laws, e.g., an animal for slaughter and consumption has to to blemish free. And so of course it had to be for sacrifices in the temple in the antique.

  27. Fuck you Reply

    People are pathetic… this is bullshit, not for commercial practice… clearly hooked up to milking machines!
    Good for the cows eh? Let put a fistula in the disgusting scientist, see how comfortable it is…
    How is this allowed? All for the mighty dollar… the government is corrupted and rEVOLolution is necessary, 99% need to wake the fuck up and take back their freedom.
    Sickening times we are in

    • Frank feffries Reply

      I agree this is likely the vets who are a bunch of dumbass vaccine/drug pushers. Yea, put one of these in the fucking vet…. And tell him to have a happy day. Stupid ass Americans. For a medical procedure that’s another thing.

    • Sweerlk Reply

      Clearly you know nothing about milk production. Cows have been hooked up to milking machines for decades. This practise is not jarmful to the cow and insures longer life.

      • Come on... Reply

        Clearly you know how reproduction works.. A cow needs to be impregnated against their will (when we’re talking about humans, we call this rape) in order for them to produce the milk in the first place, no? Do you think their calves get to drink the milk that’s meant for them? Of course not, farmers want the milk to sell for profit. Have you ever heard a mother cry for her newborn calf that was just stolen from her never to be seen again? Hours of weeping.

        Why don’t you google how much pus (aka somatic cells) is in the milk that you drink, caused by infection from those milking machines? Here’s a little excerpt:

        “The average somatic cell (pus cell) count in U.S. milk per spoonful is 1,120,000.”

        Explain to me again how this is not harmful to the cow?

        • Chuck Middleton

          Man are you spewing misinformation and untruths here. dairymen cant sell milk with SCC Somatic cell counts a fraction as high as you stated. Anything over 500,000 will get your milk rejected. You need some SCC because that is how cows fight off bacteria that can make them have mastitis so the lower the number within reason is good though. The state of Idaho the third largest dairy state had a less than 160,000 for the whole state for the whole year in 2010 and remains low like that. They have even stoppped giving bonuses for low somatic cell in Idaho because there is no benefit to a lower somatic cell for the manufactures.
          Dairymen use AI artifical insemination to improve genetic traits instead of using one bull for a few cows. Using AI you can improve your herd much better by selecting for the best traits including health traits, also you stop the risk of having bulls that are dangerous to people who work on the dairies and they can be so large physically they could hurt the cows when they mount to breed them.
          It’s obvious you have no knowledge to what dairying is about or how milk is the safest food product that you can buy at the grocery store

      • Bett Reply

        I shall deliberately refrain from use of invective, but I am appalled at this ridiculous comment. Have you actually seen a milking machine? Tell you what, I’ll give you a choice – stick your finger into the hose of a mild vacuum cleaner, or have a hole cut in your gut and a permanent port inserted so your stomach contents are open to the air. Which would you choose?

      • Rc Reply

        They should put fistula on your body to help you live linger since you like it so much

    • Whats wrong with people these days! Reply

      Omg preach! It’s horrible what animals have to go threw!!!

    • Somebody Reply

      You have no idea what you’re even talking about the cows aren’t hurt by it and they do it so they can get more milk from them by fixing the food they get fed because unlike you they have to work for a living and to feed you with everyone else. How about you stop drinking milk than and start drinking soy milk or water and then you’ll appreciate their jobs

  28. Syze Reply

    What sadist comes up with all these various methods of abusing and torturing animals? How do you know the cow isn’t “bothered”? I think I would be bothered a great deal if a giant hole is in my side with people sticking their hands into it.

  29. Dr.Anil Reply

    It can be done for research purpose in Animal nutrition mostly for bypass protein and TMR trials and not for commercial purpose

    • Elizabeth Reply

      Is that why these cows are hooked up to commercial milking equipment!? Only for science? Bull shit, it’s all about money

      • Babby 1945 Reply

        They are dairy cows and yes they are hooked to commercial milking equipment, how do you think you get milk, from Molly milkmaid sitting on her milk stool. If cows lactate they have to be milked.

        • Bett

          This is why normal people allow the baby to suckle from the mother cow, until she chooses of her own volition, to wean the baby. Get your head screwed on right.

  30. Cristy Reply

    Oh my gosh this is disgusting! ! ” The cows aren’t bothered” honestly fuck right off. Having an open wound looking into your stomach would be painful. Humans are disgusting beings. Animals deserve so much better.

    • Patricia Reply

      This is wretched and cruel. I am sure it bothers the cow and is inhumane. Just another example of man’s cruel exploitation of animals.

  31. Wow Reply

    You all need to be real here, what are humans, animals, so how can you say that we are wrong in eating meat when it’s OK for a bear, lion, or other predators to eat meat. We mammals are just that, predators, predators of the animal kingdom. As for if we are at the top of the food chain, well that’s because we are smarter than the animals, not an opinion, a fact, we started out as dumb animals in the wild too and look at us now. Sorry if you are offended by my comments but what I don’t get is how you come up with your ideas that we should treat the animals as if we are an alien race on there planet. As for the holes in the cattle, not only does this help us (humans) observe the digestion, we can change the feed to better serve the needs of the cows so they are healthy and give plenty of milk, by the way that’s what this is used on most is milk cows that naturally produce more milk than a calf can drink, therefore we are using the extra milk that would go to waste otherwise. Everyone is a judge these days that doesn’t get the whole story before trying to sentence the rest of the world for the beliefs or practices they live by. Research and knowledge are at your fingertips, and if you wish to remain ignorant then keep your uneducated asses out of others business!

    • carlotta Reply

      yeah it’seems okay for a bear or a lion to eat meat, but they don’the farm them to eat them… they also have different teeth and digestion… i’m sorry for my fucked english but hey do your research yourself. also cows don’the produce more milk than a calf can drink?! they are forced to produce 5 times more milk then they naturally would because of antibiotics and stuff… milKarl isn’t meant to be in the human body it’seems wrong… please go educate yourself

    • Take your own advice, research.. Reply

      We’re predators? Put a child in a crib with a bunny and an apple. Let me know when the child eats the bunny.

      Carnivores have small intestines that are 3-6 times their body length. Omnivores, 4-6 times. Herbivores, 10-12+.
      Lions, 3-6
      Bears, 4-6
      Humans, 10-11

      Then explain our canines smarty pants. I invite you to compare them to a lion or bears canine and tell me it’s for ripping apart our prey.. Our dinky canines (called canines because we named them that) are for fruit/veggies with touch exteriors.

      How can you call Human Beings smarter than animals?

      We are the only animals that destroy the very planet we live on. Period. That alone makes us far dumber than any other animal does it not?

      But let’s continue..
      We created nuclear bombs that are capable of wiping out every single species on earth including us because we can’t get along with one another. Can you honestly say we are still smarter than animals?

      We created a HEAP of plastic the size of Texas that floats around in the middle of the ocean killing all kinds of things. Talk about ignorance.. Out of sight out of mind right?

      We burn fuels and industrialize animal farming that are responsible for the wonderful new record we set last month; we now have the highest level of CO2 in our planet’s atmosphere than has ever existed since us human’s have. Really rolling the dice with our lives huh humans? Great idea.. Come, right this way to more lovely facts of human doings.

      We transport oil over land and sea from country to country that spills and winds up killing all kinds of things. Then a fine is paid and we do it all over again. Cause a fine cleans every drop and prevents it from happening again right? But really, we are smart..

      Just a cherry on top, what do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it? Are you excited to go to work every day? Are you a happy individual? Do you like your health insurance and how much you pay for it? Did you go to college? Did you take out a loan to do so? But hey, we’re humans, at least we have our smarts right?

      • Cristy Reply

        So much intellect and logic in one post, thank goodness! Education and compassion will save this earth. Thanks for educating! 😉

    • Bernie Reply

      Cows don’t naturally produce more milk than the calves can drink. We breed them to produce too much, we kill their male calves and take away females much too early so we can have their milk. Then kill them around 5 or 6 years old when they are knackered. Nice.

    • Aragon Reply

      You know what, those cows are ALREADY FORCED to produce many times more milk than they naturally can by using several means. But no, guys like them, guys like you are still not satisfied! You need MORE more and more .. In other words you need to rip out the cow until she reaches its maximum (Physical) limit of producing milk.

      And this is not the ending. It is the starting. Soon there will be more experiments. More chemicals and more excuses and made up theories. But let me tell you the ultimate theory – Those guys are hungry and they need more money to fill their filthy stomachs even if it can’t.

      About your advocating crap about “human eating meat is ok because for a lion it is” – Lions eat herbivores to survive. It is natural for them. They do not intentionally do that. But we can survive by other means as well.

      Whenever human tried to play with the nature . it f*cked up him. Inorganic food. Contaminated milk by machine milkers. and packed food full with chemical are the prime example.

      Wake up and guide others~

  32. EK Reply

    Well, if it works, it works! Strange, but surprisingly efficient. At least the cows don’t mind it.
    LOL @ all the butthurt vegans in the comments.
    This practice is no different than sticking a tag in a farm animal’s ear.

    • Jamilah Reply

      Wow! Erec…you really took time to respond to 7+ people on this thread. Just because you don’t have a heart doesn’t mean that others should think and feel the way you do. Just to clarify, just because an animal can’t talk “for you to understand” doesn’t make them ignorant. Every animal had their own way of communication just like different cultures speak different languages. Just because you don’t speak Chinese doesn’t make you any better than them.

      You say humans are the top of the food chain but that food chain was declared by humans. You are “food” to animals as well. Stand in a lion’s den. I’m sure you will get eaten. That doesn’t make us the smartest race. Humans make dumb choices and statements everyday.

    • Bett Reply

      And you think the cows don’t mind it because some tech geeks write it in their silly blog? Didn’t your parents teach you to believe half of what you see and none of what you read? Poor wee EK. Not prepared adequately for life . . . I feel for you. As for “butthurt vegans” – what does that even mean? Does it mean “passionate, and willing to stand up for their beliefs?” If so then bravo to the butthurt vegans!

  33. Jc Reply

    This is the most stupid and selfish thing anyone could ever do I will put a hole in the dumb scientice’s stomach.

    • Francesca Reply

      WTF This is disgusting! Humans are cruel, this is a perfect reason why people should not ever eat meat!
      Farming animals is wrong and the animals last moment is of Horror!
      People need to not fund this.

      • Humans are also being farmed! Reply

        Definitely not a prefect reason, eating their meat wouldn’t be so cruel than to exploit them for coins.

  34. Jon Smith Reply

    How about you leave a real name for the author? Many times articles like this are written with an agenda, and the tone of this article reeks of such a case. No real name and we don’t know what industry the author belongs to. It’s easy for a Koch Brother to outline the many benefits of fracking for instance, but should we believe them? I’m skeptical here.

    • cowlordiscool Reply

      O MY COWLORD! I own a calf, I would never do such a cruel thing to these cute little animals, if you were doing that to your dog, would you like it?

      • Erec Reply

        I don’t think, in the US, people drink dog milk or eat dog milk regularly. So your argument is essentially invalid.

        • Bett

          Erec, poor Erec – it’s always too bad when someone has to explain the obvious . . . the argument is that if you wouldn’t do it to your pet you shouldn’t do it to any other living, feeling creature either.

  35. Andrew Reply

    It looks freaky which proves that it’s evil so we should ignore that the health benefits have been proven to be 100% positive.

    Shame on those evil scientists for improving the cow’s health and extending their lifespans.

    • Alex Reply

      How about just leaving cows alone and not screwing around with their bodies so we can get their milk and eat them?

  36. Cows are animals Reply

    It is sick and cruel! Cows are animals made by nature – not just piece of meat for scientists to make experiments with. Should do the same to the people who do this to the cows! How heartless they must be…

  37. Samir Reply

    How rumen keeps a proper temperature for fermentation and micro floral. It’s a bad thing that we do with those cows.

  38. william Reply

    american cant leave anything alone. lets just make a hole in the cows to see if they can digest this food they are not really meant to be eating. god damn you fucking ‘scientists’ get off your arses and do some proper work for once in your interfering lives and leave things be. if cows were meant to have holes in them so you could see if they are digesting their food properly they would be born with big fucking holes in them
    you americans are just the worst people on the Fuuking earth

    • You're Mama Reply

      lol Fuack you faggot. The German National Socialists did a lot worse.

    • Rebecca Reply

      If there wasn’t such a high demand for dairy, this wouldn’t be happening on such a large scale. I haven’t consumed any animal products since I was a teenager because it’s always felt immoral to me. There’s always going to be sick fucks out there doing this crap but if the demand for dairy products went down, this wouldn’t happen as much. The only thing I can think of to do is to stop buying dairy products if you’re bothered by it. These sick fucks aren’t going to stop doing this just because we tell them to. -_-

    • ragriav Reply

      Just like if humans were meant to avoid having to deal with smallpox they would have been born with the requisite antibodies, right?

  39. Daniel Benstowe Reply

    This is to show you how wicked humans could be to other creatures all in the name of science.
    i wish the cows could talk…we humans are too wicked but we pretend to love animals,irony of fate…

  40. Mad kid Reply

    This isn’t right! If you ( people doing this) don’t want other “creatures” making a hole in you, they obviously won’t want you to be doing that to them!!! So STOP! It’s that simple!

  41. Mad kid Reply

    This just isn’t the right thing to do!!! Animals have feelings, just like humans! How would you (people doing this) feel if “another creature” dug a hole in you to see your digestive system? That’s just gross, irritating, and mean for them to do that. So if you don’t want “something” to do that to you, then don’t do it to other creatures!!!!!!! Geez! It’s that simple!!!!!!!?

  42. Mad kid Reply

    It’s not exactly the right thing to do. These cows don’t deserve to be treated like that. It could benefit humans and science, but it obviously will never benefit cows. We should stop doing this to the cows. They are just like humans, they have feelings. How could you guys be so mean??????? That’s just sad. It seems like this world is getting worse and worse. ? please don’t do this to the cows, especially when they are my second favorite animals besides ducks, and don’t do anything to ducks either!!!! Animals have feelings. They aren’t supposed to be treated this way.

    • Cows Reply

      Read the article you retard. Cows aren’t bothered by it and it helps them live longer.

      – Your Welcome

      P.S. Don’t put so many exclamation points and question marks because you just look stupid.

      • Kat Reply

        So you just believe everything you read? Weren’t you ever taught that not everything on the internet is true? How do you know the cow isn’t bothered by it? Because you can’t hear it’s pain? If I cut a hole into your stomach would you be bothered by it? Cows were never meant to have holes in their stomach, if it was natural, then they would be born with holes in them. You should check your facts before posting.

        – Your Welcome

  43. nyhose Reply

    Yes this is weird beyond belief, but before we all jump on the band wagon of right and wrong, we have to recognize that science including weird science like this ,is are only hope. We have not come to grips with the population bomb we are in the middle of . If we are having trouble feeding ourselves now, just wait till we double the population again. And again. Science and all those unnatural processes that we love to hate are the only means of feeding more and more people. Ultimately we only put off the population correction awhile longer but personally I’d rather not be here for it.
    Every problem we have globally gets worse with more humans. More terrorism, more starvation, more war, more pandemics. Ironically the human condition has improved vastly with modern scientific improvements, yet we jjust keep cranking out more babies.
    That said holes in cows is creepy beyond belief. Love the world have just one kid.

  44. Ananya Reply

    Poor cows crazy scientists and farmers.. They feel the pain but humans don’t.. Just imagine a hole on your body and someone scooping in it.. Humanity is at Edge on a ride of greed..Please take time and think what is important in life.. We really need to look inside us.., I am seven and I have sence…,

    • Brandi Reply

      Yes I totally agree, animals don’t deserve to have a hole in them. Why do people just assume they can treat animals however they please?

      • Erec Reply

        But we’re the smartest race on planet Earth, the top of the food chain.
        We really can treat them however we want. And cows are an example.

  45. Amanda Reply

    Seems fine to me. I’m sure if it caused problems the cows would die and they dont. So infection must not be a serious problem. I lived on a cow farm and trust me when the cows are in pain or distressed you know. They don’t have to talk to you to tell you. I don’t know much about this practice but they wouldn’t do it unless there was great benifits. Cows are amazing creatures and they are very different than humans. We cannot compare our humanly feelings to theirs. People get holes put in their stomachs too for colostomy bags. It’s not that uncommon. Cows don’t care about what something looks like. It likely causes minimal discomfort. And their bodies adjust to the change. Science is good. Before modern medicine people’s lives were significantly shorter.

    • Sam Reply

      Im sorry if you’re miss informed but one of the main reasons that these holes are placed in cows is because of the high corn based diet that they are fed. Cows are not meant to consistantly eat grain corn, they eat grass. This corn diet fattens the cows but also makes them gassier and sick. Farmers then remove excess grain from the cows stomach so that they do not get sick.

      • randa Reply

        Exactly what I thought! All the idiots who are dumb enough to believe that this benefits the cow because scientists said so, need to realize thee scientists don’t know everything. And drilling holes in cows’ stomachs as some sort of preventative care is equally dumb, abusive and insane. Humans are also told to get extreme drastic surgery such as colostomy bags which i think is equally unnecessary and way too drastic for something that most likely can be cured with the correct diet. Yeah go ahead and laugh, diet really is that important, yet doctors dont know the basics about that. Same goes for the stupid vets.

      • Ditliv Reply

        I’m sorry, but if cows are not supposed to eat large amounts of grain instead of grass, then farmers should stop feeding them grains, especially corn. Fatted meat may taste better, but it’s anything but healthy for the person eating it. Also, feedlots are a disgusting part of this whole process. I do eat meat, but I’m incredibly picky about where the meet I consume comes from. Human, by and large, are a disgusting species.

  46. Vikas Reply

    To see digestion process of human did we have made hole in our stomach than why on animals.

  47. George Reply

    This is fucking disgusting. Would you make a hole in your dog? This is a living fucking creature, not a product, or a number, or ours to use as we see fit. It has a fucking nervous system, it has feelings, how can you write that this doesn’t hurt the cow? I suppose factory farming and slaughter doesn’t hurt the animals either, as long as it benefits humans. Fucking selfish people

    • Erec Reply

      Us, as humans, are generally selfish. And the common dairy cow is but a product in the Farmer’s eyes. Unfortunately we have no time to say “Ohhhh, well, it’s against nature, we shouldn’t do that!” while making money and feeding our species. Not everyone’s a vegan.

  48. Jamilah Reply

    I do not agree!
    If cows are not bothered by this process then God would have allowed them to be born this way. It’s unnatural.
    In fact, how would you feel if a fistula was conveniently placed in your stomach so that scientists can research on you? You have the right to speak and decline the process of you don’t want it done to you. These animals however, cannot speak and therefore it is ignorant to assume that they are not bothered by this process when they can’t even speak to let you know that they are hurt.

    • cow Reply

      Wow you do this to us and it hurts you don’t know how we feel let’s all cows put holes in humans see how they like it.

      • Vanja Reply

        Jeez Weenie, calm down. How dare someone have an opinion besides yours? Grow up.

        He said that if it was not painful for the cows, than that’s fine. Doesn’t matter how deformed or weird an animal looks, as long as it’s not in pain and happy, than all is good.

        Don’t be a dick Weenie, You just made yourself look like an arse. You wouldn’t take away a dogs walking stick because it’s ‘unnatural’, these are just different methods to get the best quality cows.

        Personally, I don’t approve of this, but if it is to benefit the cows health, than so be it. I feel that it is just better to leave them alone, and maybe even stop overly producing cheese and milk? The more demand for food the more abuse animals have. If anyone was to continue drinking milk and eat cheese, get it from farmers, small farmers, they take such good care of their cows, unlike large companies.

  49. ANNE Reply

    I am just SO SICK of what “humans” do to animals. “Meat”, milk ….are unhealthy anyway. I wish people would leave the animals alone. Stop the abuse and killing.

  50. Janice Meyer Reply

    I don’t particularly like this either, but it really doesn’t hurt the cows. I have been seeing this done in dairy country since I was a small child and I am 67. The farmers kept up with the health of the cows. The cow I saw was there year after year, so I know it didn’t shorten their lives. This wasn’t for nefarious reasons. It was for the good of the herd.

      • Vanja Reply

        When something hurts you, you would scream or cry, am I correct?

        So in saying that, why would a cow that doesn’t feel any pain from this, cry? If the cow was in pain, it would cry, or moan.


        • Sam

          The cow does moan, its an operation to remove a portion of the cows body to insert a plug. It is actually a very painful proses and can cause infection because of its close proximity to the stomach.

  51. Ravindra MN Reply

    NO…NO..NO…As Per Scientific view its may seems ideal view of watching chemical reaction but We are living organization we have Feeling, Pain,Sensitivity.

    Who had done this just have a feel if its done on your self. Its have consequences like
    It hole in stomach may become pit for other parasites.
    Ill treated procedure leads to infection loose of life.

    “More over Its doen’t mean Human is great and have right to what ever things on other life forms..”

  52. Kash Reply

    BTw who decides what’s good or bad. I can understand this practice for scientific research as it maybe beneficial however using it as a regular treatment is just against nature. When creator created us and all animals He knew where to leave a hole and what’s good. This is horrible but somebody is definely making money out of it. We will find out side effects after many years. A big no for Anything against nature. Thanks

  53. Michael Reply

    Dear me!
    You all believe every bit of nonsense put up on the internet by people who don’t know what the heck they’re talking about! Fistulas in cows are done for research purposes to aid in digestive physiology or nutrition studies or to aid in veterinary undergraduate teaching. Fistulas are surgically inserted under local anaesthetic and once all is done well, the cows seem not to be too concerned (cows have never told me that though so I’m not 100% sure). They are NOT done in commercial herds to ‘increase the lifespan of the cows’. Absolute bull tata!

    • Ravindra MN Reply

      I understand the scientifically its good to do this to understand and improve the life of cows but when you play with nature
      ready to face chaos. When anything go wrong the life is get lost its not a non living thing that we can reform…

  54. Wv Reply

    I’ve couldn’t have cared less about what average people feels about this, nor should farmers and scientist. It is pretty normal to feel disgusted or horrified. After all, nobody would want a hole in their abdomen but the thing is we are not cows. The cow’s reaction and anatomy doesn’t have to be the same with the human’s.

    The natural purists should first abandon medicine, cars and any technology they use before open their mouth about this. Just because something is not natural doesn’t mean it is bad. Do you think cows would have naturals holes for humans to treat them if it is really good for them?

    It is possible to understand if an animal is in pain or being disturbed. Their behavior is a clue and it is possible to measure the signals send from the neurons. Unless you have a phd in animal anatomy and know the procedure I don’t think you are qualified to comment on this.

    I’ve heard (not from a reliable source) that the cows don’t even feel it and this method increases their overall health. I can not confirm it but I don’t think that I or someone else who knows nothing about cows have any reason to not believe this.

  55. sameer Reply

    This is against the nature,supposed to be not interfere with natural process.

    • Vanja Reply

      So if you got hit by a car, you’d want people to just leave you on the side of the road because dying that way is more natural than going to hospital and getting medication? LOGIC

      • Sam Reply

        Vanja, the cow had nothing wrong with it. If it was sick and a fistula help it get better it would be good but thats not how its works. People aren’t taken off the street and have holes put in their waist to see how they digest food.

  56. kristian Reply

    OMG you haters are stupid!
    you even know why they doing this? they are doing this to help the “normal” farmer so he can give the cows better food and a better life, and u can get some better meat. and no they cant fell when ur arm is inside, and when they make the hole. its simulary when humans got pierced in there ears.

    BTW im from Denmark we evented it first!

    • Fernando Reply

      Piercing? Do you have a 15cm diameter piercing in your ear or something? This is shameful. Living with a hole on the stomach is against nature and completely goes against natural food production. Why the fuck would a farmer want to put the food directly on the cow’s stomach? But hey, Cows aren’t bothered at all! That’s such a good new that cows can now communicate with people! Please…
      In addition, best meet is that from animals that have lived in the wild, and that have lived a REAL natural life, such as for example Kobe cows from Japan.
      Can’t understand why people can say this is better for us all.

      • Erec Reply

        Pretty sure this benefits our species in many ways, regardless of how inhumane or vice versa.
        I’m pretty sure that the cows don’t mind. If they did we wouldn’t know, of course, but hey! They aren’t screaming in agony in all the pics of them. So we are left to assume. Smh

  57. Gra Wei Reply

    BS! That’s wrong, it’s great that the cows told the farmers it doesn’t bother them, lol, lets a cut a giant hole in the farmers stomach and ask if it bothers them,yes?
    Look, if there is an urgent need for medical purposes to help humans, do one cow, get results and stitch em back up, done, one time. Just not right to do that ongoing.

  58. Dr. Atiq Ahmad Alizai Reply

    I dont think it should be performed on regular basis with all cows. For a reason it is fine.

  59. Zafar Javeed Reply

    Well its totally effed up.

    Putting a hole in the body of a living thing is horrible. Plus they say the cow were bothered. Are you fucking kidding me? If someone put a hole in you body? What would you do?

    Don’t know why these people (scientists) understand one simple thing! They just need to explore Nature. Not to disturb Natures Balance.

    One last thing…

    eff with The Nature…
    The Nature will eff You…

    • Avocado Reply

      when you’re sick we shouldnt give you medicine, cz its natural to get sick or else nature will eff with us.

  60. Faiq Mehmood Reply

    cruel and stupid scientist need mental treatment their are so many ways other then this to observe cows system

  61. Faiq Mehmood Reply

    Simple cruel and ……These stupid scientists need mental treatment because their are so many method to observe there system

  62. buy steroids credit card Reply

    There are other steroids out there, the list above is just an example of some popular
    ones that are utilized today.

  63. sada Reply

    Whatever is done my american scientist is great. Poor cows. Thank god people dont sell human milk.

  64. Tamsin Reply

    “Apparently cows are not bothered by it at all”, how do you know? Did you ask them? Cows are living creatures who can’t decline to have a hand sized porthole affixed to their gut. Whether or not the contraption can “help increase the lifespan” of the cow is irrelevant, these animals are reared for commercial use, let’s be under no illusion that increasing the lifespan is not for the benefit of the animal, but for the margins. Animals aren’t machines, we can’t just reinvent an enhanced model to maximise efficiency and bottom line.

    A previous comment mentioned operations, that’s different, seeing as it is designed to address and rectify a specific problem with a specific animal not an entire, otherwise healthy herd. The same way you probably wouldn’t want to have a gaping hole carved into your stomach allowing for easy access just in case you have a problem later down the line.

    Greed seemingly knows no bounds…

  65. Mohsin Iqbal Reply

    Just leave the nature to itself, it has always been perfect the way it is. Stupid humans think they know it all and they are tweeting nature according to what is caused by their own destructible actions. Fix yourself, nature doesnt need your help, we do.

  66. Julie Reply

    Absolutely disgusting … Let nature do as it does, stop interfering for God sake…. Let me put a whole in the scientist stomach and stick my hand in or better still a whole in their head to see what goes on in their interfering head

    • Tom Reply

      Not too sure about this stuff either, but general opinions without stating reason, just saying the whole ‘how would you like it’ bit, might make others imagine a ‘hole’ lot of reasons not to listen to what is a valid opinion on your part.

  67. Ajohnson Reply

    I’ve seen this on a few reports and documentaries before, it’s not to help the cow… Well not in the way you think. Due to supply and demand in the US cows are fed corn, this is to lower the costs of food and bulk the cows up quickly. Cows aren’t naturally supposed to eat corn as it clogs up their digestive system. This disgusting technique is used to ensure the cows stomach doesn’t clog up with unnatural foods and lead to death. Maybe read more than one article and then see what you make of it

    • JHall Reply

      We always fed our cows silage. Silage is chopped up corn. The cows loved it and it helped with more milk. Also NO Plugged up cows so there was no need to put holes in them. I think this is terrible!!!

  68. Kiran Nunna Reply

    I cant imagine the feelings/pain of cow when this process starts? Too much of painful to cow, isnt? I feel in the name of research we shouldnt be living against the nature.

  69. ky Reply

    if all insects die life will end up in less than 50 years, but if all humains die life will flourish sooner

    • nagendra Reply

      Please stop these sense less organic farming. Do you feel the pain of cows. And people don’t fall for the fake words like it will not hurt cows but the mad scientists. It may surely hurt but for the research sake they may say it will not hurt.

  70. John Reply

    This is realy bad and unatural to the cow snd it dhiuld be stoped right away it has never existed and it should not start now. These stupuid exipirement are cruel to animals.

  71. punith Reply

    For productivity the used some alternative method adding something like steroids which can helpful

  72. Suraj nigam Reply

    How can internal organs be exposed like this? Easy to get infections. Thats so not good. So cruel. Who knows they are in pain at all times. ????????this is sad and unnatural.

    • shirly Reply

      The cows really are not in pain. I lived on a dairy farm and one one day the vet came to operate on one of the cows because she wasnt eating and was getting sick. When cows are in the field eating grass their mouth picks up whatever is in the grass including nails ,barb wire bits and other metals. Then the vet has to do surgery to get into the stomach and remove this “hardware” that sits there making the cow ill. I decided i wanted to watch this as i had never seen it done before. I was shocked when i walked in to see the cow calmly standing there chewing her cud with the vets arm in her stomach digging out the hardware. I watchef the whole operation and the cow was in no stress whatsoever.!!! And by the way she was better immediately after the operation.

      • sharad Reply

        you are mixing the wrong things. Operating one of the cows for some reason is different than doing such a thing for all cows. Aren’t there people who knows how cow’s digestion is doing without doing such things? Is this really required? If yes, why not humans first – sir ? If its not really harming, then why don’t get yourself ready for try? Think think….

  73. imran Reply

    As long as it doesn’t cause any “unusual” incident , I think this Unfamiliar method is OK .

  74. bhagya laxmi Reply

    looks dangerous…..but if the cow isn’t bothered and its in facet helpful then its great

  75. Anand Reply

    Common….its a simple fact that anything that is done unnatural is not good and in this case cruel…are we trying to be more intelligent than the creator of these animals?foolish..

    • Sohaib Muhammad pervaiz Reply

      Agreed. I think the cows would be in a lot of pain

      • RoCoE Reply

        ask a guy with 1-1.5 inch gauges if they hurt him. Yes maybe a little pain when pierced but they’re don’t notice it now. Veterinarians are not stupid. If this had no purpose they would not do it. Do you know why? Because no one would pay them.

        • sharad

          Did you every try to get all the consequences of what has been done ? No? Then how could you do this ? Let me correct your sentence — All veterans are not stupid. This means some can still do stupidity without knowing and start convincing.

        • sharad

          quite smart, why didn’t you let them try on yourself? No ? think again …

    • Tom Reply

      Yes, you do have a ‘simple’ fact there. “anything that is done unnatural is not good”? So does that include making sure cows have enough to eat? In nature (so naturally) there is no assurance of that. Also, should we never brush horses again? And what’s your opinion on veterinary medicine, because that’s a good distance away from being natural. Also, this is moral business. Your own belief in a creator is fine, but when talking about what is right in a world with many beliefs, is it not better to use the lessons taught to us and the good will we have inherited from religion to explain to others what their wrong doing may be? Does it not make holy ideals have less worth if they are thrown into debate without explaining why your faith considers it to be wrong? Also, if nothing is to be changed after a creator has created, I ask once more your opinion on things like providing food, brushing hair, cutting hair, and giving medicine to animals. I agree with you on the cruelty of the thing being done, but making broad statements, and stating parts of your religion as if it were everyone’s understanding of the world is something I would say is very foolish. How do you expect your comments to have a good voice for what you want to say if they are not specific, and do not use concepts understood by all peoples? I say this because I think I agree with what you say, but you say it with ignorance, which makes your words as bad as the words of those who try to convince us that putting these holes in cows is alright.

      • sharad Reply

        I think no one is saying always let the nature handle everything and we need not to do anything. But when something needs to be done, it need to be in harmony with nature is what is absolutely required. Let me answer each of your senseless comments :

        So does that include making sure cows have enough to eat? In nature (so naturally) there is no assurance of that
        – Since how long the cows have been the domenstic animal? Generations? Decades? Centuries? And since then, never cows had any issues. Btw, why didn’t this idea tried on Human first of all? Don’t give bull shits here.

        And what’s your opinion on veterinary medicine
        -They are natural in most of the places in our country where i saw. They are quite natural.

        Also, this is moral business.
        – Morality lies in doing right thing. Being rude, or not doesn’t matter. Words doesn’t matter. Doesn’t lie in being smart enough in convincing the shitty things. The terrorism is just doing this in different way. Convincing smartly the shitty thing and you will find millions of people follow. You go and have discussion and am sure you will be a terrorist next day.

        why am i answering to you by the way….. you do the crap. Whoever wants to follow you and discuss, let them have this shit.

        looks rude? yes. Because are showing what you did and not asking what you think. Had you ask before doing this, then the voice wouldn’t have been that rude and we would have proven a healthier discussion of consequences of this over the benefits.

  76. Shabala ehhh Reply

    I get that it’s for reaserch but, come on what if someone put a freakin hole in your stomach!

  77. seeba p j Reply

    this is very cruel… open hole will harmful too. possibility of infection is high. science developed so much, so should find another alternative for studies.. this is like Hitler’s experiments..

  78. Sharad Reply

    Who really allowed these idiotic scientists to do such thing till now? There are and many natural ways of identifying every process of the body. The nadi shastra (vedic method) gives you entire information about the body’s process at any instant (including the dehydration, tiredness, and every information of the body) just by analyzing the nadi on the wrist. such amazing ways the nature gives. Rather than identifying such methods, this cruel acts is just unacceptable.
    who really calls them bloody scientists ?

  79. Ranga Reply

    I hope one day i will be able to do same on those scientists head who done this thing on cattle’s…

  80. Sp Reply

    Well. May be we should put a hole on these scientists head and we all peep in and watch how their brain works when they do this to animals. If they get a headache, we can try dropping an aspirin in it.

  81. DJ Reply

    This is Damn bad.. what if we put same hole on human? think twice. Do we have any side effect list?

    • Erec Reply

      But we use cows for meat and milk. Do we use humans for meat and milk? No. Think twice.

  82. Lavit Katare Reply

    They has been doing it to reduce CH4 generation from cows. But it is an cruel act.

  83. Naeem Khan Reply

    Very informative piece but this technique is looking awful and unnatural.

  84. Samer Reply

    This is totally wrong. Now why aren’t the cows considered as a living thing. Isnt it inhumane?

  85. I. Sarosh Reply

    Cow will be more prone and sensitive to germs/ viral attack.

  86. pankaj Reply

    Absurd.Not at all advisable.What if such practice need to be vcarried on himan being.As they are animal and can’t protest it dosen’t mesn u go on do any experiment on them.

  87. arslan Reply

    Yes I think it is beneficial for the cow but if the hole remains open anything wrong can get in and may result in hurting the cow . Is there any way to close the hole and only open it when is needed ?

  88. mushi Reply

    pls stop this making holes in cows , it must be harming the animal .. produce skill vetnery doctors who are sincear with their jobs. this is a non.profeshnial approch.

  89. animallover Reply

    This should actually be banned. Other methodologies shld be used to understand digestion process

  90. Ramy Reply

    Not fair at all and any unnatural thing such as this ruins the whole idea of organic groth.

      • Erec Reply

        Wow, really? Did one of your cow friends tell you?

        Oh wait. You can’t have any cow friends. Cows can’t talk, therefore we are left with what we’re told:
        The cows do not mind.

        • Aragon

          Nah Eric, we are left with a person who is blind. Who blindly believes what is told to him.

          We are also left with a dumb guy who tries to impose it on other what he had blindly believed.

          Oh no, I am wasting my time here.

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