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US Army Used This Monstrous Tree Crusher To Destroy Complete Forests In The Vietnam War

This monster is called the G175 tree crusher and was built in 1960’s by LeTourneau designed to one thing; clear large areas of woodland.

Pic Credits: wikipedia

This electrically powered beast works very much like a steamroller, except instead of concrete, it flattens trees after trees!

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This nightmare was placed in the Kennedy Siding in 1964 and took six rail cars and four days to offload and assemble.

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This 56 feet long, 35 feet wide and 21 feet tall tree eater has been decommissioned since 1965 and can be seen in Mackenzie BC museum.

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The giant of weighs 175 tonnes and entails two V12 diesel Cummins engines delivering over 1400HP, enough to roll over any landscape and forests. The main purpose of this monstrosity was to be used in the Vietnam War to placate the Viet Kong’s advantage of camouflage in the forest.

Pic Credits: ecolovers

We all know how this expedition turned out for Uncle Sam.

Anyhow, watch the video below and tell us what you think.