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See-Through Tank Armor Technology Ready To Revolutionize Modern Tanks

The reinforced walls of the armor tanks create a constricting effect on those riding inside. BAE System has developed state-of-the-art technology that will allow the crew to see across the armored tank walls. Named BattleView 360, this technology will enable one of the crew members wearing a helmet fitted with the tech to see through the reinforced walls.

Previously, the F-35 helmets were introduced so that the fighter pilots could observe a 360-degree view of the outside using the sensors and the lenses mounted on the hull. Similarly, BattleView 360 will provide a holistic view of the battlefield in real time. The efficacy of the device is not affected by the heavy armor of the vehicle.

BattleView 360 is driven by a precise digital mapping system that collects, organizes, tracks, and displays the surrounding objects in both 2D and 3D.

Advantages of the Futuristic BattleView 360

The most significant benefit of BattleView 360 is that it can eliminate the enemy’s element of surprise. Usually, the crew riding inside the tank has to rely on its own judgment to initiate the egress. Given the limited visibility, ongoing battlefield confusion, and extreme noise, this could be a pretty hazardous task, especially if the enemy has planned an ambush.


Image Source: Daily Mail


BattleView 360 provides a complete awareness of their surroundings to the crew. Critical messages, like mission updates or enemy approach, are also indicated by the helmet. The tech-imbued headgear allows the team members to engage the enemy quickly and efficiently.

The tank driver can utilize this technology alongside data being delivered from the other sources to navigate his way intelligently through the terrain.

Working of BattleView 360

A headgear and a tablet allow the warriors to interface with the BattleView 360 enabling them to take in their surroundings in real time using the touchscreen display or the high-end lens mounted on the helmet. The syncing of the sensors fitted on the exterior of the tank with the display medium forms a real time viewing system.



Just like the Google Glass, the high-end lens on the headgear lies in front of one eye allowing the crew member to see through it. The camera lens provides enhanced vision using the visual and IR light. The use of BattleView 360 along with the data and info being fed by the other systems can further improve the vision of the soldiers. The warfighters on the battleground can relay back useful data to the soldiers inside the tank using BattleView 360.

BattleView 360 can also relay back the precise position of the friendly forces, plan the tank route and monitor its progress. Most importantly, the technology can do a complex evaluation to determine the optimum paths to avoid running into the enemy. The system can also point out the areas where the enemy had recently been engaged and show the most probable route taken by the enemy.


Image Source: Fox News


BattleView 360 integrates crucial data that can enable a commander to assess the complete situation and thus, make informed decisions. The commander can also use BattleView to transmit battle plan, and strategy to the forces on the ground, in the other tanks, and to the HQ.

BattleView 360 is compatible with all military vehicles, old and new, and can easily be installed in any tank. The radically enhanced vision and awareness of their surrounding will definitely transform the art of warfare.