Urb-E Is An Amazing New Electric Bike That Makes Urban Commute Easy


urbe1Compact personal vehicles have always played an important role in a common man’s life, being the solution to that last mile from the station or the subway. What started from bicycles has now been mechanized with all the users going for convenience. The latest vehicle to hit market is the Urb-E, which according to its makers is the “world’s most compact electric vehicle.”

Urb-E 3It all depends on how you define “most compact”. But we doubt that the makers of electric skateboards like Evolve, the Boosted Board, Zboard, Solowheel and S-Walker could claim anything less. The claim might be more authentic if you add “including a seat” into it. Both ways, the Urb-E is compact for sure. We just aren’t sure how compact, as the company has not revealed any specifications yet.

Still, the video below shows that it’s easy to carry and there is no risk of slipping a disk while carrying it on a public transport.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, according to the company, it can run for almost 20 miles (32kms) with a speed of up to 15mph (24 km/h)

Urb-E 2It consists of a seat, a frame for holding batteries that is triangular and can be folded. There are two free rolling wheels, about 6in (15cm) in diameter at the rear, handlebars and an 8-10 in (20-25cm) front drive wheel that is connected to an electric motor.

There is no news about the price and availability of the vehicle, but the Urban Mobility team will be at CES this week, with a crowd funding campaign to begin this February.

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