Uranium Is Widespread In Drinking Water In The U.S – A New Report Has Said


Uranium is a metallic element that is also carcinogenic. Though it is frequently linked with nuclear power, the most prevalent type of uranium is naturally present in minute quantities throughout our environment, encompassing soil, water, and air. As a consequence, our bodies are exposed directly to small concentrations of uranium, although the vast majority of this uranium is considered to pass through our systems swiftly. However, high amounts of acute uranium radiation can be lethal, and chronically low radiation has been associated with a variety of health concerns, including an increased risk of kidney and liver problems.

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This has not been pretty good for a couple of weeks regarding the environmental headlines and knowing what we are taking into our bodies. We have learned that cancer-causing “forever compounds” are included in the packaging of some of the UK’s largest fast-food products. We also understood that scientists are discovering plastic particles in human blood and tissues for the first time. And now emerges a study on a drinking water study that analyzed data from the Environmental Protection Agency, which may add to the list of methods to help demonstrate why some of the country’s poorest communities have higher rates of chronic ailments.

Uranium widespread in U.S. drinking water, higher than acceptable levels  more likely to be near 'semi-urban' areas: report - pennlive.com

Generally, the largest uranium amounts were discovered in the Southwest and Central Midwest areas of the United States. High-uranium networks were more able to represent semi-urban and Hispanic neighborhoods. According to the authors of the study, this is most likely due to persistent governmental inadequacies to safeguard vulnerable groups and provide safe drinking water. Furthermore, research has indicated that high levels of other toxins in our water, such as lead, are more capable of damaging poorer communities. The researchers examined EPA compliance data from over 37,000 drinking water systems in the United States with data available. They then utilized this information to calculate the average content of uranium and other elements in a drinking water supply from 2001 to the present. They’ve also made an interactive version of their data available to the public and other scholars. “Uranium is an unappreciated pollutant in municipal drinking water systems in the United States,” they stated.

Uranium Is Widespread in U.S. Drinking Water | Flipboard

According to the statement, 90 percent of Americans rely on some form of the public drinking water system, making untreated water of this magnitude an issue that affects practically every American. Researchers are pushing for massive investments and oversight to avoid uranium-related illnesses.


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