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Unlock And Start Your Car Using Your Phone With Keto System

It still seems like it was just yesterday that some vehicles started offering a Bluetooth fob instead of the conventional keys. However, OneKey – Korean startup – is taking things a step further using its smartphone-controlled system that has been named as Keto

The Keto system is comprised of an iOS/Android app and a device that remains inside the car permanently. Furthermore, the Keto system doesn’t really do away with the current car fob. Instead, it uses it to function. How? You will take out the ‘key module’ from the fob and then place it inside the Keto device.

The Keto device is then placed on top of the dashboard where a power cord connects it to the AC power socket of the car. This cord is being continuously charged using an integrated lithium-polymer battery. When the user comes close to the car, the Keto device ascertains a distinct Bluetooth signal and an audio signal that is inaudible and are transmitted autonomously by your smartphone. This leads to the closest door or the trunk getting unlocked. Once you are inside the car, the proximity of the smartphone to the Keto device enables the start engine button of the car as well.

Similar to many app-controlled bicycle locks and app-controlled houses, Keto users can give temporary permissions to other users, thus allowing them to use their vehicles. This can be achieved by making use of app over the Internet. However, it does require that other individuals are running the same application on their phone. The primary user has the power to revoke anyone’s access at any time. You can even restrict access during certain times of the day.

If you are interested in Keto system, a pledge of $99 on Kickstarter will enable you to get a device with shipment slated for December if everything goes well.