University Students Are Intentionally Catching COVID-19, Making Money By Selling Antibody Plasma

An investigation has been launched in Brigham Young University, Idaho, to determine whether the rumors that students are intentionally trying to get SARS-CoV-2 later to sell their antibody plasma in return for cash are true.

The university management has decided to take strict action against students who are risking theirs and other life in return for financial rewards, which might not be of any significant worth. Students involved will be suspended immediately. Incidents on campus are being monitored closely. The university is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A Brigham Young official addressed the students and said that any careless behavior that risks individuals’ lives in our community is not worth it. If any student is suffering from any financial issue, they can contact BYU-Idaho and seek help.

Idaho news outlets have spotted multiple donation centers paying for antibody plasma. One of them is located close to the university campus. It apparently pays people who overcame Covid-19 $100 per visit as a thanking gesture for donating their antibody plasma. One of the centers is rumored to pay up to $200 for the first two visits.

Getting Covid 19 Intentionally To Sell Anti-Bodies

Brigham University has 119 active student cases and almost 20 active employee cases as of last Tuesday.

The FDA claims that the benefits of using the antibody plasma to cure COVID-19 outweigh the supposed risk involved with the use of the product.

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