Unique Pedestrian Bridge Design in China

Unique Pedestrian Bridge in China 2

Unique Pedestrian Bridge in China 2Engineers and architects are skilled professionals who are capable of coming up with ideas and executing them quite wonderfully. The progress which has been made in context of technology and science has allowed them to execute even the most complex and intricate of ideas to sheer perfection.  This allows them to come up with innovative designs and implement them. We have a number of buildings all around the world which will testify to that.

Unique Pedestrian Bridge in ChinaNowadays, even more and more complex designs are being made and executed. Among them is the design of a pedestrian bridge which is planned to be built in China. It will be built on Dragon King Harbor River in Changsha. The peculiar design of this bridge comes from NEXT Architects who are based in Amsterdam. The bridge is scheduled to be constructed in the coming year. Looking at the design, one can clearly see that this is no regular pedestrian bridge. The bridge looks like a sine wave and is unique in its own way. Further details tell us that it has been designed while keeping the traditional Chinese knots in mind and a Möbius strip.

Unique Pedestrian Bridge in China 3Things would become a lot clearer once the construction starts and we would very much like to see this particular bridge for real! What are your comments about this bridge design? Let us know in the comments section below



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