Chinese Man Builds An Elevator That Only Goes To His 6th Floor Apartment


Climbing six flight of stairs every time you want to go to your apartment sounds tiresome. Some people get used to it with time but for a person not used to it, it can be a nuisance. There was a similar case in the city of Chongqing in Tongliang District of China when a man moved into his wife’s apartment after marriage.

The man having the surname Xong lived in the apartment on the sixth floor all his life and had no trouble with the stairs. But, when his son in law moved in and continuously complained about the tiring stairs, the man was left with two options. Either kick his son in law out of his house or do something about the stairs. Since the first option would not have gone well with his daughter, he had to resolve to the latter one.

There are only a couple of alternatives to stairs. Since he could not build an escalator, he did the only other thing he could do. He constructed an elevator. This elevator is unlike any other elevator out there as it goes from the ground only up to his apartment.

(Source: Oddity Central)

Construction on the elevator started last year and was completed earlier this year. As all things that deviate from the norm, it caught the attention of social media and went viral. Even though they say “no publicity is bad publicity”, it might not be the case here.

All the social media attention grabbed by the Chinese elevator also caught the eye of the local planning bureau. The apartment building was built decades ago when elevators were not the norm. The planning bureau do allow the locals to build their own elevators. But, that is through a proper channel after permission. Xong did make the personal elevator, but skipped the permission step.

This has opened an investigation into the matter whether the elevator is to be kept or taken down. With these latest developments, Xong might not only lose his investment in the project but might have to listen to his son in law’s complaints once more.

The elevator can be seen in the video below:



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