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Underwater Cropping Technique Will Revolutionize Farming In Coastal Areas

Much of the coastal areas of the world are unsuitable for farming. The soil is too sandy, and the fresh water isn’t available. There is also the problem of overpopulation in areas where water is abundant, making cultivation very difficult. This has been an issue from the start of civilization itself as the areas near the river were cultivated and the sea harbors were just trade points and traveling terminals. So how can you cultivate on these lands if you can’t grow it on the ground? Underwater of course!! This Nemo garden initiative tends to do just that.

Now when I read this, I thought it was beyond nuts. A lot of counter questions came to my mind like how will the water problem be solved as the sea water is not good for crops? Also I thought how on Earth could enough sunlight reach the lower bed of the sea to nurture these demanding plants? Well, as I see this video, many of my questions were answered, and I thought this could create a food revolution. These Nemo guys have actually created something spectacular. We can cultivate swathes of these areas with this approach! Check out this video:

The most impressive aspect of this system is the water replenishing mechanism of the system. By inducing a suitable biosphere in depths up to eight meters, the water can be evaporated by the heat from the Sun, only to be condensed by the lower temperatures of the seawater surrounding the area. This creates a plentiful supply of water without any need to replenish it from the ground. This ingenious arrangement means that the plants will be self-sustaining in the underwater environment.

The Nemo garden began life in 2012, and now five experimental marine biospheres have been experimented upon with a harvest of Basil that has proved this method to be very successful. The slight concern with our produce is that the vegetable’s taste was a little stronger than the ones grown above. Hopefully, this will be resolved too. 

This year, planting is also being carried out for a bumper harvest. It began in June, and you can follow it live. All in all, a real out-of-the-box solution for a persistent problem faced by the modern world over the shortage of food.