This New Underwater Greenhouse Could Be The Future Of Agriculture

There is a bewildering variety in nature within every facet, but it is up to human beings how they efficiently utilize these resources. There is no doubt that scientists and engineers are using every possible way to build a sustainable future for mankind and in a recent discovery, we have come to know about the phenomenal and otherworldly garden known as “Nemo Garden” having six hemispheres or domes underwater in which the plants, vegetables, flowers or herbs grow through the greenhouse effect. It is the most sustainable and greener invention for Earth where humans are facing adverse climate changes. Due to this invention, the fruits and vegetables can now easily be grown in a controlled environment of aquatic life.

This ecosystem supports the growth of these organic substances under natural pest control conditions with the absorption of carbon dioxide. We have seen an extreme increase and decrease in the temperatures on Earth recently due to several factors like global warming and environmental pollution, which have in turn adversely affected the growth of fruits, vegetables, and plants as well. The major goal behind this project is to cultivate and conserve our valuable assets in a stable temperature range and other favorable conditions that support the optimization of these plants.

World's first underwater garden reopens – from the Good News Network –  CDFA's Planting Seeds BlogCDFA's Planting Seeds Blog

It has been found that the plants which are fertilized in this aquatic environment are richer in nutrients and fiber. About a hundred different plants have been cultivated underwater using controlled environments, including salad greens, beans, and strawberries. According to the project coordinator, “Theoretically, the project considerably increases the percentage of the world’s surface that could be used for growing crops, especially in countries where environmental conditions make growing plants difficult”.

Coupled with this, the design mechanism of these biospheric domes consists of 20,000 liters of air being conserved under each dome, provided by the sunlight that reaches the plants under these domes through the water. In cases where there are harsh weather conditions, like extremely cold winters when there is not enough sunlight to support the growth process, then LED lights will be attached to the surface of the domes, and power will be transmitted from the ground to these underwater domes. In this way, light is being given to these plants.

Nemo's Garden: World's First Underwater Farm - Goodness Exchange

As per the project coordinator, “The team’s ultimate goal is to bring down the cost of their goods as much as feasible.” The price of our basil plants will never be comparable to what you pay in a supermarket. That being said, they come with a much-reduced environmental footprint.” Likewise, keeping the sustainability and industrialization aspect of this project, it is controlled and supervised remotely as well, and for this purpose, a software house named “Siemens Digital Industries Software” facilitates it to manage things efficiently.

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