Ukrainian Hackers Cut Power In The Leningrad Region Of Russia

In Russia, Ukrainian hackers hacked the St. Petersburg power grid business LOESK, knocking down power in the Leningrad region. The attack took place on October 12.

“On October 12, we successfully attacked the power grids of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region of the joint-stock company LOESK. Simply put, the Russian CHPP,” the hackers said in their video announcement.

LOESK also issued an official statement acknowledging the cyberattack on Telegram.

According to the Ukrainian hacking team, they entered the network infrastructure discreetly, then gained access to operator offices, and “played with the switches.”

In addition, they also acquired access to the network’s information.

“We received so much information that we had to process it for two days. Passports, documents, databases of employees and customers ended up in our hands,” the hackers say.

All the information, papers, passports, and orders were put on the Internet, where anyone could access it and exploit it however they pleased.

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