Ukraine Says It Is Going To Build 1 Million Drones In 2024

Ukraine has declared plans to construct an astounding one million drones by 2024 in a daring attempt to strengthen its defense against the Russian Armed Forces. The bold declaration was made on social media by Ukrainian officials, led by Oleksandr Kamyshin, Minister for Strategic Industries. They revealed a special emphasis on first-person view (FPV) drones intended for attack and reconnaissance missions.

Kamyshin emphasized the quick advancements thus far, pointing out that in December alone, Ukraine produced over 50,000 FPV drones. In addition to FPV craft, the production plan includes more than 10,000 mid-range strike drones with a hundreds of kilometers range and more than 1,000 drones with a 1,000-kilometer range. This project’s enormous scope demonstrates Ukraine’s resolve to defeat Russian forces with a powerful fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Although propaganda from both sides of the war may cause suspicion, DroneDJ reports verify Ukraine’s goal to dramatically boost drone production rates. A few months ago, monthly production of FPV drones was approximately 1,000 units. This December, however, production reached 50,000 units, a significant increase. Kamyshin highlighted the production facilities’ readiness and the start of contracts for 2024.

Despite these optimistic projections, challenges loom large. The goal of manufacturing one million drones implies a production rate increase of over 30%. Wartime deprivations and the industrial gap present formidable hurdles. However, Kamyshin’s commitment indicates a proactive approach to bridge this gap and rapidly implement a substantial increase in drone production.

The Kyiv Post’s report underscores the urgency of Ukraine’s drone production efforts, stating that frontline forces have faced life-threatening situations due to the lack of aerial assets. While previous initiatives, like the “Army of Drones” campaign, contributed ready-made drones to Ukrainian forces, they may no longer suffice in the face of escalating conflict.

Kamyshin’s commitment to producing over one million drones specifically for Ukrainian fighters reflects an acknowledgment of the evolving challenges and a determination to ensure the nation’s defense capabilities keep pace with the intensifying war. The success of this ambitious plan could potentially shift the dynamics on the battlefield, providing Ukrainian forces with a powerful tool to counter Russian aggression.

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