Ukraine Just Released Footage Of Its Kamikaze Drones Destroying A Russian Warship

In a recent development, Ukraine announced the sinking of the Russian warship Sergei Kotov, marking another blow to Russia’s naval capabilities, reminiscent of the sinking of the Moskova two years prior. The operation, reportedly carried out by Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Directorate on March 4-5, involved kamikaze drones targeting the ship in the Kerch Strait.

The Sergei Kotov, valued at $65 million, was attacked by Magura V5 naval drones, resulting in damage to its stern and sides. These unmanned surface boats, renowned for their versatility, had previously been deployed in 2022 with an alleged range of 497 miles. The sinking follows a similar attack on the Tsezar Kunikov earlier in the year, indicating Ukraine’s continued efforts to counter Russian naval presence.

“Group 13” attacked the patrol ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Sergei Kotov, worth $65 million,” one X post from Defense of Ukraine explains.

The post added, “As a result of the attack by Magura V5 naval drones, the Russian ship of project 22160, ‘Sergei Kotov,’ suffered damage to the stern, right, and left sides. Nice start [to] the day! Great job, warriors.”

Ukraine’s special forces group, known as “Group 13,” orchestrated the attack on the Sergei Kotov. The ship suffered significant damage, leading to onboard fires and casualties among the crew. Reports suggest the vessel played a role in the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, further escalating tensions between the two nations.

The Sergei Kotov is one of the Project 22160 patrol ships, meant for different sea missions. These ships became active in 2018, have basic weapons, and are operated by about 80 people. They are quite large, measuring 308 feet long and weighing up to 1,700 tons. They can travel around 6,000 miles.

Even though there’s been no official word from Russia yet, it’s expected that Moscow will strongly criticize Ukraine for the attack. This could lead to more fighting between the two countries, especially in the Black Sea, where their important interests clash.

After this incident, both Ukraine and Russia will need to figure out what to do next. There’s a worry that tensions might rise, making the region less stable. This event reminds us of how delicate the situation is and the dangers of things getting worse in the Black Sea.

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