Ukraine Claims A Sniper Killed A Russian Soldier Almost 1.7 Miles Away – The Second-Longest Kill On Record

A Ukrainian sniper has killed a Russian soldier from 1.7 miles away, making it the second-longest combat kill ever recorded, according to Ukraine’s Office of Strategic Communications.

“The occupier was eliminated by a precise shot from a distance of 2,710 meters, a distance that now ranks second in the world ranking. The kill was confirmed by the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” said Ukraine’s Office of Strategic Communications.

The recent hit is similar to hitting a target in the middle of New York’s Central Park from Times Square at that distance. Or shooting the length of about three Burj Khalifas stacked end-to-end.

The 24 seconds of thermal imaging footage showed a man designated as “the occupier” by Ukraine’s armed forces, implying that the apparent killing happened in occupied Ukraine. The guy appears to be wandering through the woods.

The subject takes a few steps before coming to a stop, at which point the scope’s white crosshairs settle over him or her. Then, a split second later, the figure drops to the ground.

There is no universally recognized record for the world’s longest sniper shot. However, the unknown sniper of Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 is credited with a kill in 2017 at 2.2 miles or 3.54 kilometers, Business Insider¬†reported.¬†

In the post, Ukraine’s armed forces acknowledged British former sniper Craig Harrison, who previously held the record for the second-longest shot and whom the Ukrainian army claims to have shoved into third place.

Another pre-existing claim to a second place is a 2012 kill at 1.3 miles, or 2.81 kilometers, by an anonymous member of Australia’s second commando regiment.

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