UK Military Is Building A Star Wars Style Laser Weapon That Will Be Ready By 2025

Laser Weapon (1)

You would have seen laser weapons in Star Wars, and perhaps, you would be interested in having one too. This Star Wars fantasy is becoming a reality for UK Military that is building a laser weapon for use in wars.

Ministry of Defence has awarded a $37 million contract to build a laser weapon prototype by 2019. Source: MBDA Systems

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has partnered with Dragonfire, a UK based team to create the laser-directed energy weapon (LDEW). A $37 million contract was awarded for creating a prototype by 2019. The development of laser is intended for use by all armed forces. Tests will be conducted to see if a laser can be used to destroy drones, missiles, and other targets. Hopefully, the laser will be operational by the army and navy by 2025 and by airforce by 2035.

A demonstration of the laser is expected to happen by 2019 on land and in marine environments. Dave Armstrong, UK Managing Director of MBDA, which owns Dragonfire, said: “UK Dragonfire will put the UK at the forefront of high energy laser systems, capitalizing on the experience of joint MoD/Industry working in the complex weapons environment.”

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