UK Electronics Firm Unveils The World’s First Solar TV

Solar Powered Television

The prevailing problem of electricity and shortage of various resources in developing and underdeveloped countries has been a joy kill and resource kill for its people.

A British firm named Cello Electronics has developed solar powered televisions for the areas that suffer frequent shortage of electricity.

“I love Africa and have visited many times, so when I heard about Lighting Africa plus the fact that many areas had become digital TV enabled, it got me thinking – could we make a TV that was capable of working off-grid?” said Brian Palmer, Cello Electronics CEO. Brian Palmer, We need people like you!

The device has the capacity to run for 10 hours straight without direct exposure to sunlight. The solar panel also serves as a charging hub for other battery powered devices such as smartphones. It also enables recording, time shifting and audio/video playback. It operates in all sorts of conditions day in and out.

Image Credits: Cello Electronics
Image Credits: Cello Electronics

The company also hopes for entertaining the people of caravans and bandwagons who frequently travel in vehicles and places with little or no electricity.How cool! Though they’ll have to shrink it’s size.

The device comes with in-built satellite which is able to broadcast channels through satellite to areas, where there is no strong TV signal available. The TV also comes with it’s own solar panel.

The television set for sale is 22 inches big and carries a price tag of 300$. Taking into consideration that price might be too high for potential buyers in the developing countries, they came up with a scheme suitable for them.

It’s known as pay-as-you-go where the customers pay only for the amount of TV they watch by purchasing a code entered via the remote control handset. Needless to say, this thing is wonder and a joy for the less privileged people. Happy Engineering.

Here’s another look.

CelloElectronics - Solar Powered Television
Image Credits: Cello Electronics


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