UAE Says It Has Managed To Engineer A Rainstorm In Dubai

Despite its amazing touristic characteristics, state-of-the-art buildings, and mesmerizing planning, Dubai is still dreaded for its harsh weather conditions. It is almost impossible for people to stay outdoors during the day without proper availability of air conditioning. The temperature goes up to almost an unbearable 120 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of that, global warming is not helping. The government along with a team of researchers and scientists have been searching for solutions that can be devised to control this escalation in temperature. After a long struggle, they might have found something.

The news of Dubai being drenched in heavy rainfall last Sunday was a new one for everyone. There have been no such reports because the arid region rarely gets reportable amounts of rainfall. This time, it hit differently.

It was revealed that this was made possible by incorporating engineering in weather management. the excessive heatwaves resulting otherwise from the high temperatures were dangerous to life. Cloud drones are designed by the government of the UAE and researchers from England. These drones are sent in the air above to reach the clouds. Afterward, they release electric pulses to trigger the formation of large water droplets in the clouds.

It is a considerably smart and unprecedented way to manipulate the forces of nature for human benefit. This innovation can prove to be a problem solver for all the areas that undergo extreme weather conditions of dryness and drought. However, there is a possibility of these methods being used for leading weather wars. They can be used to steal the rain and availability of water through precipitation from other countries like China that relies significantly on weather management systems through engineering.

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