UAE Is Banning Flying Of Recreational Drones After Fatal Attack

After Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed a fatal drone strike on an oil plant and a major airport, the United Arab Emirates prohibited recreational drone flying in the country.

According to the Interior Ministry, drone hobbyists and other light electric sports aircraft operators risk “legal liabilities” if caught flying the machines as of Saturday. Moreover, it also stated that it might issue exemptions to companies looking to film.

Last week, a rare drone and missile strike on Abu Dhabi’s capital blew up six fuel tankers, killing three people.

The Houthis, who control Yemen’s capital and have fought a violent, years-long war with a Saudi-led military coalition that includes the UAE, claimed responsibility for the attack. While the UAE has withdrawn chiefly its soldiers from the stalemated fight, it continues to be a significant actor and assists local militias on the ground.

The UAE stated the Houthis targeted the nation with bomb-laden drones, cruise, and ballistic missiles and that some of the projectiles were intercepted. As a result of the hit, the Saudi-led coalition has increased its assaults on rebel-held areas of Yemen in the recent week.

According to UAE government laws, drones are already prohibited from flying in residential areas and close, around, and above airports. In addition, drone operators must typically get a certificate from civil aviation authorities.

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