UAE Has Started Mass Vaccinations With 86 Percent Effective Sinopharm Vaccine


On Wednesday, the UAE Health Ministry testified that Sinopharm’s vaccine has shown 86 percent effectiveness against the global virus.

Sinopharm is a China-based Pharmaceutical group, and it’s vaccine’s latest results are based on the analysis from its late-stage trial in the UAE.

The UAE has registered the vaccine; however, none of its detailed data on its effective results were shared, neither by China nor by UAE.

The Sinopharm vaccine saw emergency approval in September to be put to use for certain vulnerable groups. It marked the first time that a vaccine from China got global clearance. It is one of the three top vaccines produced in China, and approximately 1 million people have been vaccinated.

Although having quite an impressive curing percentage, the Sinopharm vaccine still falls short of Russian-produced Sputnik V that has shown 92 percent effectiveness. The Moderna’s vaccine has shown 100 percent effectiveness with certain vulnerable groups. While another vaccine by Pfizer/BioNTech’s has shown 95 percent efficacy to protect against the Covid-19.

The latest analysis of the Sinopharm vaccine showed that 99 percent of participants developed antibodies against the Covid-19. Moreover, the vaccine is based on an inactivated virus.


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