U.S. Space Force Is Not Particularly Enthusiastic About Studying UFOs


The Pentagon now takes UFOs seriously after the senate gave its go-ahead to the highest defense set up in the US. Keeping in view the rising sights of the UFOs, the pentagon is thinking to hand over the command of the “unidentified aerial phenomena” task force from the Navy to the Space Force as per Politico’s report. “Space Force leaders are still struggling to rebrand an organization that has been lampooned since before its birth,” says the report. The pursuit of alien life and technology may not be considered the prime tasking of a conventional military force, but it must be taken seriously. 

“They really are sensitive to that,” a former intelligence official who is advising the military in the planning told Politico. “They want people to take them seriously. They don’t want to do anything embarrassing. But this is national security. This is their job.”

A defense intelligence agency is also on the cards as far as the Pentagon is concerned. It would be secretive space security. They will focus on different areas where they will carry out the surveys of different avenues of the sky for any foreign, alien threat. These threats are not common and have never been the topic of discussion of the common folk, but that is about to change.

The former officers have come up with the arguments that the Space Force and Space Command if they work in conjunction, will end up being an effective force to collect the data on UFOs and analyse the information at hand.


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