U.S Military’s New Night Vision Goggles Look Like Something Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

The new night vision goggles for US Army’s Lancer Brigade of Joint Base looks like tech stolen from aliens.

When we think of night vision goggles, our mind pictures the pitch black of the night turned into the sea of green, lightning everything for clear visibility. However, those could be accounted for ancient tech with the new night vision goggles sliding into the world of the military.

The new ENVG-B (Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular) is designed to improve a soldiers’ ability at large. It not only lights up the vision at night but also enables the one wearing it to recognize objects in the sight accurately.

The new crystal-clear sight feature coming with the new goggles caters for the shortcoming of the previous night vision goggles, that for the least part enabled the soldiers to see what is happening around them but not so very clearly.

The biggest problem of the night vision goggles previously in use was that they worked by converting the photons collected in low light settings into electrons that were then amplified as they passed through a vacuum tube and lit up a phosphor-coated screen to make a brighter image of the scene ahead.

The green color associated with night vision goggles was used in this setting because it is considered as a light-setting comfortable to the eyes for the longest of durations. However, the brightened images lacked contrast and were often noisy, and there is hardly any margin for such a thing when you are on a battlefield.

The key difference that the new night vision goggles, ENVG-B packs is that the system in it is upgraded from the green phosphor tubes to white ones that produce brighter images with better contrast, and have reduced the image noise significantly. It also packs a thermal imager that can see through obstructions such as dust and smoke, an attribute that previous technology of night vision goggles lacked.

The new advanced night vision goggles are also a perfect fit for settings with zero external illumination, such as working underground. It does that using its augmented reality feature like real-time edge detection to outline the objects in sight.

Another smart feature it packs that makes a huge difference is its wireless connectivity with an electronic scope fitted on the weapon. This allows the soldiers to aim at a target by looking through the wireless scope without having to expose themselves physically, making it a real game-changer equipment. The ENVG-B goggles also feature a “dual tubed binocular system” allowing the ones wearing it to see in 3D at night.

It uses a battery to back all the electronics for about eight hours at a full charge. Still is smaller than older versions of the technology. The new ENVG-B night vision goggles also come in addressing the issue of uncomfortable head straps and uses mount on the front of a soldiers’ helmet to stay firm to its grip. The new version comes packing a lot of new features compared to previous versions of night vision goggles and will provide the soldiers with an extra benefit over the enemies.

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