U.S Marines Will Soon Test The Innovative New ‘Lightning Carrier’ Concept

F-35Bs from three US Marine Corps units will assemble on the USS Tripoli (LHA-7) in early April to properly execute the ‘Lightning Carrier’ idea. The concept of converting large-deck “Gator Navy” supercarriers into light aircraft carriers equipped with F-35Bs originated five years ago, although it has origins in AV-8 Harrier missions spanning decades. A total of 20 F-35Bs would be on the ground, backed by spike actions from the USS Tripoli. The exercise will put the Marines’ capacity to operate two entire F-35B fleets from a single ship to the test, and it might have a significant influence on what the stealth fighters and the warships they embark on can contribute to the war in the region.

The USS America and USS Tripoli, like their predecessors, do not even have a submerged top platform. Rather, they were designed with additional room to accommodate planes like the F-35B and all that comes with them, such as fuel, maintenance personnel, tools and facilities, and weaponry. “The Lightning Carrier idea has been batted about as well and is essentially a testing item that they are concluding on OT-1 (Operational Test-One) with COTEF (Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force),” Colonel Benjamin informed The Combat zone of the impending drill.

Hutchins stated that they are not thinking of replacing the CVN fleet with a Lightning Carrier, so the concept is not a ‘basic one.’ “This is just another weapon in my toolkit.” This is a fast technique to increase power. When peering out across the vast Pacific, one of the problems will be the ability to swiftly turn and allow troops to be.” Lightning carriers, while less efficient than supercarriers, have the potential to significantly increase maritime capability. The amphibious warfare ships may be integrated into naval working groups to augment air support, or they might be positioned in independent naval preparation units to scatter the strength for greater durability and efficacy.

Marines Test 'Lightning Carrier' Concept in the South China Sea

The squadron was assessing the new American class cabin manufacturer’s ability to function a substantial percentage of F-35s from its flight deck, which is significantly smaller than that of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier.

“For each new drill, we discover so much about the F-35B’s strengths as the latest military jet in our arsenal, as well as how to effectively use and combine it with other capabilities,” a Marine Corps spokeswoman told Business Insider. “A Lightning Carrier, fully using the attack submarine as a naval base, can offer the navy and combined force with enormous accessibility, intelligence, and striking capacities,” the military claimed.

Marines To Test Lightning Carrier Concept With 20 F-35Bs Aboard USS Tripoli  This April

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