U.S. Army Could Start Testing Iron Man Suit By June 2014

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The U.S. Army announced last year that it would be developing a new armored suit for its soldiers. This led people to hope for a real world version of the famous Iron Man suit. The suit called TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) will be a creation where fictional technology meets real world application. With a suit that is meant to feature some of the latest technology on the planet, the US has certainly set an early testing date of June this year.

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The suit has many features which are being developed specifically for this suit and others which are still in the concept phase. For example, the final version of the suit is said to include a liquid armor system which will harden in a matter of microseconds on the application of current.

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The armor would also be receptive to skin contact and constantly analyze the soldier’s condition and give feedback of his/her vitals to the command post. It will also provide hydration and life support in critical situations.

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While it was originally thought that soldiers wouldn’t be able to use the suits till 2032, the army has a much shorter timeline in mind. Of course, with the help of 56 corporations, 16 government agencies, 13 universities and 10 national laboratories, the army certainly has enough manpower to make the claimed deadline a reality.

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Besides the radical armor and life monitoring technology, the suit will also feature a HUD much like today’s Google Glass and other features which will not only improve a soldier’s performance on the battlefield but also help save their lives and the lives of many others. Project leader Michael Fieldson is working towards a zero-casualty army and has managed to draw in all the help for the TALOS project.

Iron Man suit details

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Though the initial tests will most likely be non-powered suits and cover mostly endurance testing, the early June date seems reasonable. But the project team claims that the TALOS will be present in the battlefield by August 2018. It would seem that we will be getting a real life super-hero very soon.


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    Its about time our boys deserve the very best for defending our country and our moms deserve an empty casket instead of well you know. Theres been enough heart ache for parents God speed and God bless America!

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