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Watch These Two Huge Cooling Towers Turn To Dust With Controlled Demolition

cooling tower

Two cooling towers which were over the length of a football field turned into dust while they were being dismantled. The two towers were identical and were demolished at the St. Johns River Power Park in the Jacksonville. A huge cloud of smoke emerged after the towers collapsed, covering the nearby trees in the dust as well.

$14.5 million was being paid by Jacksonville Electric Authority and Florida Power and Light to Total Wrecking & Environmental to carry on the implosion of the towers and the demolition of the power park. According to Total wrecking & Environmental, those were the second tallest cooling towers in the world.

10-week preparations took place for what lasted only 10 seconds. More than 12,000 linear feet of detonation cable and 1,500 pounds of dynamite were used in the process. The St. Johns River Power Park was a 1,264-megawatt, coal-fired electric plant. It was closed in January.

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