Twitter Now Has A Cheaper And ‘Basic’ Verified Organization Subscription

X, previously known as Twitter and now owned by Elon Musk, has unveiled a new subscription tier called ‘Basic’ for its Verified Organizations, targeting smaller businesses. Priced at $200 per month or $2,000 annually, the Basic tier provides subscribers with a gold checkmark on their profile, access to job posting tools, and priority support. This is a significant cost reduction compared to the ‘Full Access’ Verified Organizations plan, priced at $1,000 per month, which includes additional features such as the ability to add affiliated accounts.

The Verified Organizations subscription, available at $1,000 per month, offers a gold checkmark and square avatar on profiles to signify official organization status. Subscribers also enjoy premium support, elevated limits for tweets, direct messages, and media uploads, along with the perks of the X Premium+ subscription plan, such as tweet editing, longer tweets, and prioritized rankings in conversations.

One key differentiator between the Basic and Full Access plans is the ability to add affiliated accounts. Affiliated accounts, linked to a business, receive verification and display an affiliate badge alongside their checkmark. This feature allows businesses to associate leadership, brands, support handles, employees, or teams with their main account.

X has hinted at the upcoming availability of an annual subscription fee for the Verified Organizations plan priced at $1,000 per month, although specific pricing details are yet to be confirmed.

In a parallel development, X’s AI chatbot, Grok AI, has expanded its availability to India and 46 other countries. Access to Grok AI is exclusive to X Premium+ subscribers, requiring a payment of Rs 1,300 per month or Rs 13,600 annually in India. Grok AI, built on xAI’s proprietary large language model named Grok-0 with 33 billion parameters, is claimed to surpass the performance of OpenAI’s ChatGPT based on the GPT 3.5 language model, according to X.

The introduction of the Basic tier for Verified Organizations at a lower cost suggests a strategic move by X to attract smaller businesses that may be hesitant to opt for the more expensive Full Access plan.

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