Twitter Is Now Hiding Who Paid For A Blue Check Mark

Twitter’s recent decision regarding its Twitter Blue service has caused quite a stir once again. The social media platform is now keeping the identities of individuals who have paid for the coveted blue check mark hidden from public view. This move, which was initially brought to light by Dexerto, has left users perplexed as to why Twitter is so keen on keeping this information undisclosed.

Previously, when an account received verification through Twitter Blue, the message would explicitly state that the user had “subscribed to Twitter Blue and verified their phone number.” However, the latest message simply reads, “This account is verified.” This alteration has only fueled the ongoing mockery of Elon Musk’s ambitious Twitter Blue endeavor, with users ridiculing those who are willing to shell out $8 per month for a mere check mark.

In a rather puzzling decision, Musk removed the verification status of accounts that were not subscribed to Twitter Blue, but he chose to maintain verification for select celebrity accounts, including LeBron James, even if they were not subscribers. Furthermore, Twitter went to the extent of awarding blue check marks to accounts of deceased public figures, falsely indicating that they were Twitter Blue subscribers.

The blue check mark, once regarded as a symbol of prestige and authenticity, has now lost its appeal due to these controversial actions. Verified power users have distanced themselves from Musk’s push for Twitter Blue subscriptions. Celebrities such as Lili Reinhart and Stephen King were quick to clarify that they were not paying Musk anything, despite their verified status.

In an attempt to mitigate the damage caused by the questionable implementation of Twitter Blue, Musk later revealed that he personally covered the subscription fees for some celebrities. However, this gesture did little to mend the reputation tarnished by these actions.

With each new development, Twitter’s management of the Twitter Blue service garners more criticism than appreciation. Users are left wondering why the company is so adamant about concealing the identities of individuals who pay for the blue check mark. As this saga unfolds, it remains uncertain how Twitter will address these concerns and whether it can regain the trust of its user base.

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