Twitter Is Auctioning Off Espresso Machines And Kegerators From Its San Francisco Headquarters

Elon Musk is discovering unconventional avenues to cut costs at Twitter. The company has been facing a backlash as many organizations have pulled out of their advertisement campaigns on the social messaging service.

The equipment that is being auctioned includes espresso machines, kegerators, and computers, so much so that the company has even placed a large neon icon of the social media service for auction. All this came amidst rumors that Twitter is falling behind in its rent payments.

Interested buyers can go through a score of items available for auction. The auction is being handled by Heritage global partners.

Rotisserie cookers, multiple refrigerators, pizza ovens, and huge sized ovens are also being auctioned. Apart from kitchen items, office equipment, including televisions, desks, and conference room items, are also up for auction.

The iconic Twitter bird is also on auction. A neon sign depicting the famous Twitter bird has already attracted a buyer who has made a bid of around $17,500 for the neon sign.

The kitchen Equipment and office gate seem to be from the San Francisco offices of Twitter. This suggests that Elon Musk is trying hard to cut costs under any circumstances to avoid losses at Twitter. This financial turbulence is mainly due to the backing out of advertisement campaigns by different companies on Twitter.

Numerous civil rights groups have urged businesses not to advertise on Twitter as allegations are starting to mount that the company is doing nothing to stop his speech and spread of offensive content.

Musk has alluded to the company’s dire financial straits, although in late December, he reportedly said it’s no longer in the “fast lane” to bankruptcy. In December, The New York Times reported that Twitter had stopped paying rent in the company’s office space.

Elon Musk also accepted that the company’s financial situation is not ideal. However, he said the company “is no longer in the fast lane to bankruptcy.” But in December last year, New York Times reported that Twitter has stopped paying rent in all of its office spaces. This suggests that even if the company is no longer in the fast lane to bankruptcy, it still is heading toward the same destination.

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