Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Has Provided A Justification For Limiting Tweets You Can See In A Day

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino has expressed her support for Elon Musk’s recent decision to limit the number of tweets users can see each day. Yaccarino took to Twitter to affirm that such actions are necessary for the continual improvement of the platform. Alongside her tweet, she shared an official statement from Twitter, clarifying the reasoning behind the move.

The statement from Twitter cited the need to combat bots and spam as the driving force behind the decision. By implementing these limitations, the social network aims to safeguard the authenticity of its user base. The sudden glitchiness experienced by Twitter users over the weekend raised concerns, but the company stated that it intentionally refrained from providing prior notice to prevent bad actors from evading detection.

Twitter’s put in place some restrictions to keep pesky AIs from gobbling up public data and mucking about with conversations. So far, the regulations only impact a select few. Once all the hard work is done, they’ll be relaxed off again. Good news for advertisers, as the situation hasn’t changed much since these limits started.

It started off with a pretty stark set of restrictions: 6k posts max for verified accounts, 600 for unverified, and just 300 for freshly made profiles. But Elon Musk announced later on that these maxes had skyrocketed to 10k, 1k, and 500 respectively across the board.

Twitter timing its reveal with Meta’s push for Threads was no coincidence. Come July 6th, the latter will be unleashed into the world–both camps striving to craft an even better environment for their users. Sure, obstacles lie ahead, but Twitter and Meta are determined to improve their services and provide a top-notch experience.

Ultimately, Yaccarino’s backing of Elon Musk’s move showcases Twitter’s ardent dedication to enhancing platform trustworthiness and eliminating spam. As they gradually refine the limitations, Twitter continues unwaveringly committed to their mission of providing an improved environment for users to communicate and relate.

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