Turns Out The Viral V8-Swapped Tesla Is Actually Fake

Car enthusiasts were thrilled to see the viral V8 swapped Tesla Model 3 with a supercharged Coyote in an Instagram post on June 30. The post was doing rounds on social media and people were engaging with it in a very intriguing manner. In a matter of just two weeks, the post generated 60,000 likes and an enormous number of comments from its followers as well as critics. Many people loved the design and its depicted performance capabilities, while a lot of them bashed it out. But the most interesting comments were from those people who were asking, “Is it even real?”

Yes, that’s the crux of it. You might be shocked to hear that this swapped viral V8 Tesla model is fake and you are being manipulated. But take it easy, as Justin from Late Model Racecraft said, “We’re just having fun.” If you take a closer look at the picture, then you might find out that the “under hood shot” was being taken off of the Ford Mustang along with the supercharger. Not only this under-hood shot but also the strut towers were copied from the Ford Mustang, and the engine, along with these struts, has been entrenched not exactly in the center, but a little bit tilted from the focal point.

Well, the craziest thing to know is that this V8 supercharged Tesla model is also integrated with an “all-wheel drive” and is hybrid in nature. Yes, that’s not true as they were just having fun by speculating these lies. Also, the ten-second video that was shown in an Instagram post revealed that the interior of the car was “unmodified,” or not according to what we could expect when we were told that the engine was under the hood. But just to add a little touch for the sake of the interior, they had manifested a tablet located beneath the “Tesla’s infotainment screen” and, guess what, there was an Uber Driver App functioning. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Hence, you might have heard the phrase, “don’t believe everything that you see on the internet,” and today, you have experienced this thing when you are being told that “We were just having fun.” If we could watch the pictures with just a little bit of concentration, then we might understand that the engine, battery pack, and drive train components cannot be congested in a normal car.

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