Turns Out The Tesla Cybertruck’s Lone Windshield Wiper Doesn’t Do A Great Job Of Cleaning It

The much-awaited Tesla Cybertruck, known for its futuristic design and advanced features, appears to have hit a minor bump on the road to production. A new picture shared by Tesla’s head of design, Franz von Holzhausen, shows that the Cybertruck’s windshield wiper may be leaving a lot of the window dirty. This is a significant concern, especially for a vehicle that’s expected to be used in challenging weather conditions.

The picture suggests that the lone windshield wiper on the Cybertruck is failing to clear a large part of the windshield. This could potentially obstruct the driver’s view and compromise safety. It’s not entirely clear whether this specific wiper design will be included in the final product, as the Cybertruck is still in development. However, it’s a cause for concern for potential buyers and Tesla enthusiasts.

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The Cybertruck’s windshield wiper is unique in design and size compared to most cars’ wipers. It appears to rest upright along the side of the windshield when not in use, which is an interesting feature. However, the wiper’s effectiveness is crucial for the vehicle’s success, and it’s something Tesla needs to address before production.

Tesla has not responded to requests for comments on the issue, but it’s likely that they are working on resolving it. The company is known for its innovative solutions to design problems, and it’s possible that they will come up with a new wiper design that’s more effective and aesthetically pleasing. Last year, a leaked video of a Cybertruck prototype appeared to show a similar windshield wiper design.

In conclusion, the Cybertruck’s windshield wiper issue highlights the challenges that come with designing and producing a groundbreaking vehicle. It’s essential for Tesla to address this issue before the Cybertruck hits the roads to ensure that it meets safety standards and exceeds expectations.

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