Turns Out The Famous ‘Jetpack Man’ Is Actually Something Really Dumb

All that hype for a balloon?

Last year, several airlines’ pilots reported seeing a flying person with a jetpack near the Los Angeles International Airport. Famously dubbed “The Jetpack Man”, the news went viral for a couple of months with sightings as recent as August of this year. An investigation was launched by the Federal Aviation Administration and even the FBI was involved to put an end to this mysterious man or entity that was baffling pilots. Turns out they were worried about nothing…

The jetpack sightings turned out to be none other than humanoid-shaped balloons. Yes, balloons shaped like humans and not real human beings. An image and video released by the LA police department show a balloon in the shape of Jack Skellington from the film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” flying over LA. Phew

“The FBI has worked closely with the FAA to investigate reported jetpack sightings in the Los Angeles area, none of which have been verified,” the FBI told Fox11 in a statement. “One working theory is that pilots might have seen balloons.”

The video of Jack Skellington’s balloon looks like an elaborate Halloween prank by some clever trickster. It’s silly to think that pilots got worked up over a balloon with an air traffic controller telling other pilots to “use caution, the jetpack guy is back”. Guess he’ll be disappointed to find out the truth now.

While this sighting of Jack Skellington is pretty recent, it is believed it was the same sighting that was baffling pilots for an year now or maybe it’s just a coy plan to distract everyone from the real jetpack guy who is still out there. We may never know, unless the jetpack man shows himself again….

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