Turn Your Car Into A Tank With This Kit

car tank

This small “rover” called blizzard is the talk of the day. It is a platform built by a Russian from Chelyabinsk, with the tyres of a normal car removed and replaced with tank tracks, or something of that sort. The platform mounts a car on top of it, and then the control system of the car is connected to the wheels below.

This platform is capable of treading over any obstacle, and is specifically designed to overcome heavy snow. The control, drive and management of the car is no different than any other vehicle.  With great clearance and control, it can easily be put into the category of an all-terrain vehicle.

Both the videos flaunt this daunting and impressive design overcoming any obstacle coming its way with pride, arrogance and ease! It can move through thick forests or move over water bodies and rocky terrains. Watch the action for yourself!

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