Turn Out Rice Is Not Even Included In Apple’s Official Guidance For A Wet Phone

In the realm of tech emergencies, few scenarios evoke panic quite like getting water on your phone. Whether it’s a sudden rainstorm or an accidental drop into a sink, the race to salvage the device begins immediately.

For years, a common household remedy suggested by the internet was to submerge the wet phone in a bag of uncooked rice. This method purportedly draws out the moisture and saves the device from irreparable damage. However, recent advice from Apple and tech support experts challenges this widely held belief.

Apple’s support documents explicitly caution against the use of rice, stating that particles from the rice could potentially harm the phone further. Instead, they provide alternative steps for dealing with liquid exposure. These include avoiding heat sources like hair dryers, refraining from using cotton swabs or paper towels near charging ports, and employing a tapping technique to dislodge trapped liquid from the device.

The suggested tapping method involves holding the phone with the charging port facing down and gently tapping it against the palm of your hand. This motion is akin to the action one might take to clear water from their ear after swimming.

Following this, Apple advises allowing the phone to air dry in an area with good airflow for approximately 30 minutes before attempting to charge it. If the liquid detection alert persists, users are encouraged to exercise patience as it can take up to 24 hours for the device to thoroughly dry.

Contrary to the belief that rice acts as a desiccant and expedites the drying process, experts argue that its effectiveness is limited. The Verge highlighted as early as 2015 that uncooked rice is not particularly absorbent and that the primary factor in salvaging a waterlogged phone is the duration of time it remains powered off. Placing the phone in rice may inadvertently lead to neglect, as users often leave it untouched for an extended period, delaying potential repair attempts.

Ultimately, the consensus among tech support professionals is that the key to saving a wet phone lies in swift action, proper drying techniques, and avoiding further damage. While the notion of using rice as a quick fix persists in popular belief, it’s the careful execution of recommended procedures that offers the best chance of rescuing a water-damaged device.

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