Turkey Drowns An Airbus A300 To Create Artificial Reef

Airbus sinking2

Coral reefs around the world have damaged badly as a result of dissolved Carbon dioxide in the water. To help curb this detrimental effect on marine life and environment, nations sometimes sink ships to create artificial reef substitutes where marine life can make homes and continue with their lives in the scarcity of natural coral reefs. Turkey has gone one step further in this artificial reef creation by sinking a whole cargo plane instead and an Airbus A300 at that!

Airbus sinking

The plane was emptied of anything that could cause harmful effects to the environment and then was systematically sunk off the Aegean coast. The skeleton of the plane will serve as an excellent primal grounds for the marine life both big and small with ample opportunity for them to utilize its small openings and areas. Turkey’s coasts are famous for diving and snorkeling activities, and it is hoped that the new attraction will bring more tourists to the country which has been facing troubling times in recent years with the tourist destination of Istanbul facing the bulk of the problem.


The Airbus’s length is 54 meters and the scuba divers with Oxygen supply will be able to go into the cabin and explore the interior. The local administration had got the plane from a private company for $100,000 which is peanuts compared to the original price of the plane but since it was way past its operational timeline, the costs came down to this figure and the administration was able to put it to good use. Many big ships have been sunk purposefully for this purpose, but this is the only case of a commercial airliner being sunken in the depths of the sea for this purpose.

It would be a wonderful experience to explore and dive around the submerged plane and take pictures there. It will definitely become a hot tourist location in the future due to the unique artificial reef it will host.


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