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Trocadero Fixie Is A Strange Bicycle With A Twisting Frame

Trocadero Fixie introduces a wacky bicycle with the twisting frame_Image 2

This wacky bicycle is so bizarre that it is probably the most unconventional means of transportation you will come across in 2016. Trocadero Fixie is the brainchild of a trio of French entrepreneurs with a passion for cycling.

Trocadero Fixie appears to be a conventional bike. However, all it takes to transform it into a strange and eccentric machine is one small pin! Once the pin has been pulled, the main frame of the bike is unlatched, thus allowing it to twist in a peculiar manner.


The tires of Trocadero Fixie go out of alignment and the riders can manoeuvre the back wheel at completely random angles in reference with the front one. The most important aspect of Trocadero Fixie is its balance and design; even when unlocked, the bike remains quite steady. 

The unique design allows the riders of Trocadero Fixie turn insanely tight corners at lower speeds. However, the manoeuvring of the bike at high speeds requires practice and technique. This youtube video shows Trocadero Fixie in action:

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