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German Man Uses Scrap Steel And Old Tires To Create The World’s Heaviest Bicycle

A 49-year-old cycling enthusiast from Germany recently built the world’s heaviest bicycle using scrap steel and giant tires borrowed from an old fertiliser spreader.

Frank Dose has been working on the behemoth machine since March. Nearly $4700 later, he managed to create the world’s heaviest rideable bike. Frank’s wife Astrid thinks that the sensational two-wheeled bicycle was totally worth the time and money spent on it:

“I am proud and pleased that he has done it.”



The metallic contraption weighs 1.08 tonnes. The latest world’s heaviest bicycle outstripped the previous record holder, an 860 kg bike designed by a Belgian named Jeff Peters, by more than 200kg.

The 1.53-meter-wide tires of the bike weigh hundreds of kilogrammes. Despite its monstrous size and massive weight, Frank claims that his contraption is a surprisingly comfortable ride. Frank drove his metallic cycle more than 100 meters to prove that it was rideable. More than 5000 people gathered to watch this unusual sight.



Although the bike only made 5km/hr, the speed is not too shabby for a bike of such whopping size.

Interestingly, Frank built this bike as a result of a dare! Frank had the blueprints of a scrap metal bike for the Wacken Open Air festival. One of his friends doubted that the design could actually be realised. The doubt spurred Frank to bring his design to life!

You can watch Frank ride the world’s heaviest bicycle in the video below:


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